Missionaries Charged With ‘Kidnapping’

It seems that the “Puma” candidate is a toothless pussy cat that can spout off quite well, if not colorfully as we noted HERE some time back. When it comes to doing her job though? It would appear that she is just to damned busy to give a growl about American citizens that need their government…

It’s always nice when governments have their priorities in order, especially in the wake of a devastating tragedy. The Haitian government has made theirs perfectly clear — it is more important to prosecute those participating in the relief effort than to save their own citizens.

After the Jan. 12 earthquake, people around the world stepped in to help. The United States (as usual) led the charge, both through government aid and contributions of time and money by private citizens. Ten Baptist missionaries were among them, risking their own lives to travel to Haiti and pitch in. On Jan. 29, these same missionaries were arrested and charged with kidnapping — despite their claim to have had the necessary papers in order — after they tried to bring 33 Haitian orphans across the border into the Dominican Republic. There, the missionaries told authorities, the children would have been placed in another orphanage better equipped to deal with their needs.

When the attorneys for the “Baptist 10” wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, asking for her intervention on their behalf, Clinton’s icy response demonstrated precisely where her priorities are — or more accurately, are not. “Obviously,” Clinton remarked, “this is a matter for the Haitian judicial system.”

The State Department has turned a blind eye to the missionaries’ fate (if convicted, they could spend the rest of their lives in a Haitian jail), stating that it would be “highly unusual” for the secretary of state to become involved. Americans traveling to other countries to serve the cause of humanity are now aware that their efforts may be met with similar mindless cruelty, their plight with a similar cold shoulder.

At the end of the day, the injustice being committed by the Haitian government, coupled with the lack of interest and incompetence of our own, is only going to hurt the Haitians and others suffering hardships around the world.


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