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It makes no sense… Oh really..?

May 15, 2013

Received in an email from a friend. No time to completely verify it all, but if even a quarter is true then I would submit that full blown treason has happened at the highest levels at worst, utter cowardice at best…

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Subject: Gregory Hicks’ explosive testimony at the Benghazi hearings;Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Could Be Prosecuted Over Benghazi Testimony

Gregory Hicks’ explosive testimony at the Benghazi hearings

Submitted by Ian56 on Thu, 05/09/2013 – 13:50


Gregory Hicks: “I Swore an Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution, I am Here to Honor That Oath.”

by Stewart Rhodes * May 09, 2013

One of the most moving statements made by star Benghazi witness Gregory Hicks during yesterday’s hearing was about his oath. During his opening statement, Hicks said, “On February 19th, 1991, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I am Here to Honor That oath.”

And honor it he did, with frank, honest, and heartfelt testimony that laid bare the horrendous fact that two inexplicable stand-down orders were given that left Hicks and Special Forces personnel in stunned disbelief and outrage, and left their brothers in Benghazi to fend for themselves.

Stand-down order #1 was when Hicks requested deployment of the special incident Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST), which is specifically designed to handle such attacks. Hicks testified that the FEST team had dedicated aircraft capable of responding within four hours – which is exactly why that team was created after the attack on the USS Cole. When asked why the FEST team was not deployed, Hick’s answered, “I don’t know.”

Stand-down order #2 was when the Special Forces team in Tripoli was all set to jump on a C-130 and fly to Benghazi and rescue their brothers, when their commander, Lt. Col. Gibson, was ordered to stand-down and stay in Tripoli.
As Hicks said, “I told him to go get our people and that is what he wanted to do.” When asked how Colonel Gibson reacted to being told to stand-down, Hicks said he “was furious.”

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Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Could Be Prosecuted Over Benghazi Testimony

Submitted by eduardo89 on Thu, 05/09/2013 – 12:35



Extortion 17 to Benghazi to Obama

Submitted by sunny on Thu, 05/09/2013 – 15:52


This video was put together after the event today at 10 AM EST, National Press Club.
PLEASE Watch AND Share.
This is SO important!
I hope this is the straw that does it!

Navy SEAL Team VI Families to reveal governments culpability in death of their sons in the fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan following the successful raid on bin Laden’s compound.

Benghazi: It Is About Obama/Clinton Running an Illegal War

Submitted by TommyPaine on Thu, 05/09/2013 – 13:03


First, we were told that some Muslims didn’t like a YouTube video, so they killed some Americans. Now, even the Dems are not believing that lie.

Now, we are being told that it was “terrorists” who wanted to kill some American officials, but it was covered up so Obama could get re-elected.

That doesn’t make any sense, either, because the American sheeple would be waving the flag if they knew upfront that Muslims were killing American officials. Why try to hide that? Makes no sense. And it probably makes no sense because it probably is not true.

The REAL story just might be that Obama and Clinton were running an illegal war both in Libya and Syria and that Chris Stevens was a central figure in the Iran-Contra style of illegal shipment of weapons from Libya to Turkey and Syria — and that Obama/Clinton were doing this to SUPPORT “al Qaeda terrorists.”

The story also involves General Paetreus, in that the REAL reason for his resignation was about Benghazi and not an affair.

Here are some stories with some background supporting evidence for this theory (note, skip down to the story with the title “The Real Story at Benghazi”):…


And (although the author does not believe it, he cites a general who claims it is true):…

This angle makes A LOT more sense for a cover-up, is consistent with what we know about black ops and CIA, is consistent with what we know about “The Database” (aka “al Qaeda”), explains why Hillary would get in such a hissy fit over any investigation (as head of the State Department, she would have been a KEY person in making the decision to do what was done), and explains why even the Repubs are sidetracking this issue to only discuss why there was no military response after the attack began.


“I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass my country.” The Creed, an abridged portion thereof.


Missionaries Charged With ‘Kidnapping’

February 13, 2010

It seems that the “Puma” candidate is a toothless pussy cat that can spout off quite well, if not colorfully as we noted HERE some time back. When it comes to doing her job though? It would appear that she is just to damned busy to give a growl about American citizens that need their government…

It’s always nice when governments have their priorities in order, especially in the wake of a devastating tragedy. The Haitian government has made theirs perfectly clear — it is more important to prosecute those participating in the relief effort than to save their own citizens.

After the Jan. 12 earthquake, people around the world stepped in to help. The United States (as usual) led the charge, both through government aid and contributions of time and money by private citizens. Ten Baptist missionaries were among them, risking their own lives to travel to Haiti and pitch in. On Jan. 29, these same missionaries were arrested and charged with kidnapping — despite their claim to have had the necessary papers in order — after they tried to bring 33 Haitian orphans across the border into the Dominican Republic. There, the missionaries told authorities, the children would have been placed in another orphanage better equipped to deal with their needs.

When the attorneys for the “Baptist 10” wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, asking for her intervention on their behalf, Clinton’s icy response demonstrated precisely where her priorities are — or more accurately, are not. “Obviously,” Clinton remarked, “this is a matter for the Haitian judicial system.”

The State Department has turned a blind eye to the missionaries’ fate (if convicted, they could spend the rest of their lives in a Haitian jail), stating that it would be “highly unusual” for the secretary of state to become involved. Americans traveling to other countries to serve the cause of humanity are now aware that their efforts may be met with similar mindless cruelty, their plight with a similar cold shoulder.

At the end of the day, the injustice being committed by the Haitian government, coupled with the lack of interest and incompetence of our own, is only going to hurt the Haitians and others suffering hardships around the world.


2010: Second Amendment in the crosshairs

January 4, 2010

Lots of issues will be on the table this coming year, and none will be more important than those that surround The Second Amendment. It is, after all is said and done that which protects the rest of the entire Bill of Rights.

The Epic Fail Administration and cohorts have shown what utter contempt they hold for the American people as well as the rule of law in their handling of the obamacare fiasco. Not to mention that while all that “debate” was unfolding the obamanites sold out America’s Sovereignty. Read about that HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and yes more HERE! Strong work Anthony!

The sheer arrogance of the current administration and Congress would be mind boggling, that is, if the strategy were not so transparent. I submit that they are well aware of what will happen come Judgment Day 2010. Their plan,as it were, is to do as much lasting damage to the United States as they possibly can in a short time, and to stack the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts to achieve what ever lasting effect they can shove down our throats.

Then we have this, from the dog that fetched the bone…

The Second Amendment faces a decisive year in 2010. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has called for new semi automatic gun bans despite their decade long record of fraud and failure, and despite his own Justice Department’s failure to fully or even half heartedly prosecute federal firearm felonies. Mr. Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have demonstrated their willingness to use cooked statistics to blame Mexico’s violent drug war on Americans and their Second Amendment rights. Anti gun leaders in Congress have introduced bills to ban guns, license gun owners, register guns, tax bullets, serialize ammunition, shut down gun shows and a hundred other schemes. They’re still there, proposing every nonsensical gun law they can imagine that only affect law abiding citizens, while criminals go about their evil business unfettered. Meanwhile at the United Nations, global citizen disarmament nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and freedom fearing dictatorships worldwide maneuver to impose their will on you through international treaties. But it is a new year. And, in a very crucial way, 2010 may be a year unlike any other in American history when the Second Amendment could, finally and truly, be recognized as a right for all Americans.

Read About It: The Washington Times

Some political musings…

April 23, 2009

So? What is hot across the Internet and MSM today as far as politics go?

Hillary Clinton thinks Dick Cheney isn’t a reliable source. Funny how no one addressed her credibility…

Frank Lautenberg, of high treason fame, yet again seeks to destroy the nation and Constitution that he swore an oath to protect. One tiny cut at a time or the the occasional full blown slice! The man needs to do a rope dance, not be in elected office.

The folks that dubbed a rather sizable chunk of America with a Domestic Terrorist label are yet seeking even more power. Talk about Chutzpah!

Then the impostor in chief pulls the populist card yet again but fails to even suggest hammering the big boys where it will hurt. As in getting credit reports flagged to indicate that these people were, and are being hounded by those operations, and attorneys that feed from their teats.

But, I digress…

More shenanigans by a Clinton

March 31, 2009

Hillary Clinton is back in full force spreading venom as Secretary of State. While I suppose the Puma’s are proud most people are sane enough to see through this classic smoke screen that politicians are so fond of. Blame the rights of Americans for another nations built in problems. The only thing that this storm has as a silver lining is that many people are finally realizing the absolute futility of the failed War on Drugs. Yes, that’s right, the Democrats are looking to the Libertarians and Conservatives ideas about taking away the incentives that fuel the cartels. The best evaluation for this strategy that I ever found was written by no less than William F. Buckley Jr.

However, that particular bit of enlightenment is heavily outweighed by the methodology that the government is proceeding forward with.

Hillary Clinton praises ineffective 1994 semi-auto ban
“And there’s no doubt in my mind that the 10 years we had an assault weapons ban in America was one of the tools that helped to drive down the crime rate. And we’ve been really fortunate. We changed our policing techniques, which we’re sharing with the Mexicans. We put in more technology, which we’re advising the Mexicans about. But getting those assault weapons off the streets was really helpful.” – Hillary Clinton
Hillary, guns and drugs
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has received a minor flurry of criticism for acknowledging that the United States or at least some people in the United States bears some responsibility for the explosion of drug law related violence in Mexico that has left more than 7,000 Mexicans dead since January 2008. The trouble is that she doesn’t seem to be prepared to follow her comments to anything close to their logical implications.

Read About It: FOX News
U.S. freedoms not to blame for Mexico’s drug war
Nobody is surprised that Attorney General Eric Holder wants to make good on his promise to ban guns. We just didn’t know whose tragedy he’d seize to advance his agenda. Now we do. It’s the drug-driven death and violence in Mexico at the hands of ruthless criminal cartels.

Read About It: CNN
Mexico violence mustn’t affect U.S. policy
While it’s good to have more agents trying to interdict the southward flow of weapons into Mexico, the knee jerk response of tightening gun control must be avoided.

Read About It: The El Paso Times

The Anti-Hunting NRA?!

August 25, 2008

The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) is once again trying to confuse hunters into believing two bold lies:  that the NRA does not support hunting, and that AHSA and the Sierra Club do.

In a report released on August 21, AHSA makes the ridiculous argument that NRA is anti-hunting because NRA does not support the same candidates that Sierra Club and other environmental groups support. The problem is, these groups rate candidates on their radical environmental record, not on their support for hunting or for gun owners’ rights. In fact, the politicians endorsed by the Sierra Club are a “Who’s Who” of the most anti-gun politicians in American history. Gun-ban advocates like Barack Obama, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Frank Lautenberg, Jack Reed, and Teddy Kennedy have all been endorsed by the Sierra Club. Since Teddy Kennedy wants to ban almost all ammunition used by hunters in America, it is impossible to see how the Sierra Club is supporting hunters by endorsing him.

Groups like the Sierra Club rate lawmakers on many issues that have nothing to do with hunters or hunting, and do not rate on some issues that do. While the Sierra Club supports massive set-asides of land under wilderness designations, they fail to consider hunter access to these lands. Wilderness designations often create problems for hunters because they do not provide for methods of access needed to actually use the land for hunting, since all improvements–including roads, trails and other changes–are prohibited. Such designations also prohibit programs to provide food and water to wildlife during times of drought. These policies are hardly good for hunters. Neither is Sierra Club support for anti-gun politicians who would end gun shows, ban guns and ammo, and support gun registration and gun licensing.

NRA knows that without our Second Amendment rights, Americans will lose our firearms to radical politicians like Obama. And without the right to own firearms, our hunting tradition will not survive. With this report, AHSA has made one thing perfectly clear: it is willing to sacrifice Second Amendment rights–and in the end, hunting in America–on the altar of its radical anti-gun agenda.

On the other hand, the NRA Political Victory Fund grades candidates first and foremost on their position on the protection of the Second Amendment, but also on their positions in support of issues relating to hunters. These issues include access to hunting lands, proper scientific management of game species, and expanding opportunities for hunters and hunting. NRA is also one of the most effective advocates for issues that truly impact hunters. Over the decades, NRA has worked hard at the federal and state level to protect and enhance our hunting heritage. NRA worked to reform federal law on migratory birdhunting. We have fought to keep federal lands open to hunting, to open more federal lands for hunters, and to protect conservation reserve programs that provide vital habitat for game species. In the states, NRA has worked for passage of youth hunting programs, for no-net-loss bills that ensure the amount of public land available to hunters is not diminished, and for increased hunter access plans like Open Fields and walk-in programs. AHSA has done none of this.

AHSA claims it is promoting “conservation,” but in truth, the groups it is endorsing are radical environmental groups. For these groups, hunting is either not a factor at all, or, at best, something to be endured but not promoted. In fact, these groups oppose hunting if it interferes with their radical agenda, as it did when it came to listing polar bears as endangered and banning the importation of polar bear trophies.

AHSA knows its report is phony, which is why it never lists any of the anti-gun politicians it is attacking NRA for not supporting. But for AHSA to mislead gun owners and hunters is nothing new. AHSA claims to be pro-gun, but in reality, they are not.

AHSA was created with the specific intent to provide political cover for anti-gun politicians by allowing them to claim support from a “sportsmen’s” group. In truth, the anti-gun credentials of AHSA’s leadership is well documented. In 2000, AHSA president Ray Schoenke donated $5,000 to Handgun Control, Inc. (now the Brady Campaign) and the Ray and Holly Schoenke Foundation also made donations to the Brady Campaign. Former AHSA Board member John Rosenthal remains the leader of Stop Handgun Violence, and has recently unveiled a new anti-gun billboard in Massachusetts attacking gun shows with misleading and untrue claims. And one of the leading organizers, and current Executive Director, of AHSA is Bob Ricker, who has been a paid expert witness against gun manufacturers in a number of reckless lawsuits. (For more information, see Anti-Gunners Don Camo As Elections Loom.)

AHSA is a front group for left-wing zealots who want to fool sportsmen into voting for anti-gun candidates by lying to them about the issues. That is why AHSA has endorsed Barack Obama and his extreme anti-gun views. That is why AHSA is now attacking NRA for failing to endorse men and women who would end most gun ownership in America, including the guns used by hunters. NRA members, and everyone who really cares about our hunting tradition, should be reassured that NRA does not, and will not ever, endorse the vast majority of radical anti-gun zealots regularly supported by the Sierra Club and AHSA.


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