The Addicition Series Continues : Beginning Turkey Hunting

After last years smashing success about Turkey Hunting in Colorado several people have asked for some more tips and so on about Turkey Hunting in general. Most asked for advice for beginning Turkey Hunters. So that is where we will begin!

First let me tell you this. It is really quite easy to spend a fortune on Turkey Hunting gear and equipment but you don’t have to in order to enjoy the sport. No, you don’t absolutely have to have the latest and greatest equipment!

Since the big question from newer hunters always seems to center on what firearm to use I will cover that first. In most, if not all states during spring seasons you can only use a shotgun or bow legally to hunt we will cover shotguns. As Stick & String is a lot more involved. If anyone is really interested, I can cover that aspect at a later date.

I always advise people to use a twelve gauge shotgun, at least when first beginning. However,please note that a youngster that I taught to hunt started with a Remington Youth / Women’s twenty gauge, and still uses it, and with great success I might add. That was more than twenty years ago and the following advice is as true today as it was then. Use a gun that you are comfortable with that patterns well. My all time favorite shotgun for Turkey hunting was a Browning BPS ten gauge. But to be truthful in all probability you will only get one shot, so a repeater just isn’t all that needed to be an effective hunter. So, yes, a single shot that patterns well with appropriate shot should do the job.

Shot size is always a bit controversial but four through six should do the job. Remember, the birds will be on the ground,and you are aiming for the head and neck area to ensure a quick kill. The added bonus of smaller shot is that you will not be digging it out of the birds carcass or breaking teeth  on it when you eat the bird. I prefer Remington Hevi Shot in size five, but again, use what load your shotgun patterns best with. Many people are surprised to findout that the shorter magnums are more effecting in their particular shotguns than the big heavy loads.

Which brings us to chokes, and patterns and I can’t say or explain  it better than what you can read HERE.

Then we get to Cammo, and yes, you can spend a small fortune on camouflage. There are just too many good patterns available these days to really say that any one is hands down better than another because of the varied habitat that Turkeys inhabit. Want something tried and true, and want to try your hand at an old craft that is still used by Army and Marine Scout Snipers? Then make a Ghillie Suit! Here’s a video that should help as well.

Lastly, we get to calls, and yes, again you can go broke buying them. But really, all you need to get a Turkey, is a yelper type call, and guess what? With a little practice most people can do that just using their own mouth! However, the shear romance of a good box or slate call is hard to resist. As well as inexpensive latex diaphragm calls. Purchase a few videos or tapes, and practice. A lot of public library’s have them and you could just check them out while you learn. If you can, attend any seminars that are available from N.W.T.F. or your Fish and Game Department.

I will post more about tactics and so on later. You need to get busy and fill out license applications, as most states are coming due to apply already!

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  1. The Addicition Series Continues : Beginning Turkey Hunting … | Turkey Live Says:

    […] More here:  The Addicition Series Continues : Beginning Turkey Hunting … […]


  2. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    Man, where I used to work at EVOC, we were adjacent an airport and the field surrounding our facility were PACKED with wild turks. Lotta males, lotta females. They KNEW no one could touch them. I always wanted to nail one and have a nice little dinner!



  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    No kidding Bz, no kidding! 😀


  4. Jamey Brazen Says:

    I like this post. I am a huge dog lover and like reading about animals in general too. I’m gonna RSS.


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