WYOMING: More on HB 113

Emails stating an uncompromising support of HB-95 have been flooding in.

The good news…

Representative Keith Gingery (House Judicial Chairman) has contacted me and said he is working out the scheduling and would hear HB-95 as early as Tuesday, as soon as the scheduling conflicts are addressed Representative Gingery will let us know so YOU can be there during committee to voice your support for HB-95.

I am pleased by this Gentleman’s Overture by Representative Gingery. Please be watching your email for an email titled “HB-95 Committee Time”.

Many of you live a considerable distance from the Capitol and may want to consider emailing a “more formal” letter before Tuesday morning to the committee members.

For your convenience we have a NEW form “HB-95 Letter of Support” that will send your letter to all members of the Judiciary Committee and Speaker of the House Colin Simpson.
Cc:”Representative Allen Jaggi”, “Representative David Miller”.

Send a formal letter form click here
HB-95 comparison chart Click here
To see HB-95 or HB-28

In addition to Representative Simpson hearing your voice, we also hope that Representative David Miller will withdraw HB-28 and turn his personal support to HB-95.
Your letter will also be sent to me so I can have them in hand at committee.

Please send your letter Today!

Remember to be polite and to the point, your legislators will appreciate you for it.


Important AlertHB-113 Concealed weapon authority – needs amending!!!

Concerns are brewing (back door gun registration – illegal search and seizure) about the following clause in HB-113 and we recommend it’s removal. A similar section in Alaska is being abused daily, it is a Fourth and Fifth Amendment violation.

Watch this video it will alarm you: http://wyominggunowners.org/videos/alaska-carry-legislation-beware/

HB-113 page 3 Click here
W.S. 6-8-104(b)
(b) Whenever a person carrying a concealed deadly
weapon under this section is stopped, detained, questioned
or addressed in person by a peace officer, he shall, upon
request, inform the peace officer that he is carrying a
concealed deadly weapon under this section. The peace
officer may secure the concealed deadly weapon, or direct
that it be secured, during the duration of the contact
between the person and the peace officer if the peace
officer determines that the action is necessary for the
safety of any person present, including the peace officer

Arizona has similar legislation however without this dangerous clause. Wyoming Legislators need to follow the constitution.

In the words of Larry Pratt, “When we politically compromise and allow anti-gun legislation to pass, no matter how insignificant it may appear to be, we have abdicated our responsibilities. Abdication is the work for surrendering our principles legislatively. Honor binds us to resist with all our might.”

If you have any other concerns please contact me ASAP Click here

To Real Liberty in Wyoming,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
WyGO- Wyoming Gun Owners

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3 Responses to “WYOMING: More on HB 113”

  1. Deb Simpson Says:

    Good morning. This is Deb Simpson, Colin’s wife. Please have faith in your legislators. They do support this legislation. Specifically Colin does!


  2. Dave Nunyas Says:

    What is the latest on HB113?


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I am confused Dave. One passed, and two didn’t, and I can’t figure it out yet.

    I was watching PBS the other night, and they said that the one CC bill failed, but nothing else. And no, they didn’t say which ones.

    Now, on the other hand? It was announced that the Governor will not seek reelection. While he is not cut from the same cloth as many other Big Government Governors? He is still very authoritarian big government.

    So that is good news indeed.

    My biggest fear is that some lame brained anti liberty, anti freedom, authoritarian, non-western state much less COWBOY STATE, type just might get elected. Let’s face it: Wyomingites seem to have an inferiority complex and think that in order to be accepted, they have to sign on to all sorts of things that are just plain stupid…


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