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Well, I really cannot say “it’s back.” It never left, and the way that things are going, it never will. Epic Fail obama, as usual, is using smoke and mirrors. But pay no attention to that man that is always on the television screen in front of a teleprompter.

While we are all focused upon Epic fail obamacare the usual suspects are hard at work pursuing other ways of destroying America. Yes, putting the break (no that is no misspell ) to the Salinsky type of attack on the U.S. economy and personal freedom that is obamacare there are indeed many other things going on.

One that in all honesty I simply refuse to dump into the impostor in chief’s lap is the porous border. No POTUS has done squat about that since Eisenhower. Read about this latest royal screw up regarding illegal immigration HERE.

I have a very low technology solution (H/T Texas Fred) for this never ending invasion. Militarize the border, it is as simple as that. Shoot a few drug and gun runners and in short order things will change…

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2 Responses to “Lo Tech solutions”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    I wish it were that simple. The first time the troops planted a few criminals the bleeding hearts brigade would immediately be up in arms, protesting that innocent immigrants who only wanted to provide for their families had been callously gunned down for no cause. International NGO’s would launch accusations in “world courts’ demanding reparations and the circus would begin nonstop.

    Right on, though, about the long-term and ongoing failure to secure the border.

    How can a government that cannot manage to provide a minimal amount of security be expected to manage a zoo like nationalized health care?


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Probably so Maine, and a zoo full of clowns is what it is looking more and more like everyday.


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