The obamanation of the American way

Lots going on today from what I have been reading, and most of it is not good. The Democrats are resorting to dirty tricks in order to force feed their socialist dreams to all of us.

WASHINGTON—Democrats defended plans to push massive health care legislation through the House without a direct vote and Republicans assailed the strategy Tuesday, as both parties fenced ferociously over the health overhaul end game.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that no final decision had been made on the complex parliamentary strategy, which would allow House Democrats to pass the Senate’s health care legislation without voting on the bill itself. Instead House members, who dislike the Senate bill, would vote on a rule for debate that would deem the bill passed once a smaller package of fixes also had passed.

On the other hand though at least some people are taking this battle straight to the mules mouth.
Read about that HERE

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6 Responses to “The obamanation of the American way”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    Regarding ObamaCare: ANY, let me repeat that, ANY form of this bill passing WILL result in an outright BLOOD BATH, figuratively, at the polls, and possibly, quite literally, in the streets of this nation…

    I am NOT advocating violent civil insurrection against the elected government of this nation, but there are those that do, and I am not going to rule out joining them either…

    What the hell will we have left to lose??


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Those people just seem to not understand just how the American People feel about this. That, or they just don’t give a damn.


  3. Merry Says:

    You seem to expect that this adminstration, or anyone in it gives a flying f**k about this country, they don’t, they’ve proven it repeatedly and the don’t even begin to give a damn about the American People, or the Israeli People, they care only about bringing this country to it’s knees, they forget, they are not the side that’s armed! (Happy St. Pat’s Patrick!)


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Thanks Hon! 🙂

    Actually,I think the whole place is on the brink of an insurrection Merry.

    Guess who the hell is running for Gov back home..? Insane, simply insane that nitwit is liable to win!


  5. mainenowandthen Says:

    If anyone believes that Congress will “fix anything that needs fixing” once the bill is rammed through by hook or by crook, then I have some great deals on bogside (errrr, lakeside) property here in Maine.

    An interesting aside; seems like all of these terribly distressed sick people that Obama keeps trotting out are actually getting the treatment that they need through the charitable trusts that most major hospitals maintain and none of them are in danger of of losing their homes, going bankrupt, etc.

    Yep, I trust our leaders, implicitly.


  6. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well heck Maine, don’t we all..?


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