No, it’s not just a “Texas” problem..

Illegal immigration is one of the three heads of the hydra that is determined to destroy the United States of America. And just to cut off the heads of those that immediately proclaim myself and Texas Fred as racist and haters of Mexicans; the list includes, but however is not limited to: Russian Mafia members, IRA activist’s, German Neo Nazi’s, Colombian Narco Terrorist, and..? Ta da! Canadian poachers that decimate our hard earned trophy class animals to sell to Asian’s so that their peters will stand up to the task of their demanding woman folk!

My Libertarian leanings are more than well known. Political Libertarianism is falling by the wayside because of the strange, and even weird things that Political Libertarians have been doing as of late. That is why, after so many years, I left the party. The GOOFBALLS WON!

But..? We have this… To deal with.

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One Response to “No, it’s not just a “Texas” problem..”

  1. tonydowning Says:

    those trumped-up accusations are the treatment for anyone who dares to disagree with their oh-so-elite opinions.


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