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Baffle them with bovine feces..? When the Feds refuse to do their job.

June 25, 2012

Well, the Black Crows have finally stepped up and released their decision having to do with Arizona’s attempt to protect it’s people from a quite literal invasion by people that do not belong there. As usual, they did what at best might be called a half-assed job.

I find it ironic at best that the courts, and government in general, expect we the unwashed,  follow the various laws of our nation or face numerous penalties including fines and imprisonment. But do not do the same when political expediency, or correctness enter into the fray, and it involves themselves.

Sexism is all fine and dandy as long as it is the context of misandry. Immigration enforcement is held in high esteem so long as it does not apply to anyone from south of our borders. Lifetime bans on firearm ownership for less than felony behavior is cool. Even though the ability to properly and effectively defend oneself, friends, and family are God given, and enshrined within the Bill of Rights. Private property is nothing more than a pipe dream if the local, state, special district, or federal government can make a few dollars based upon eminent domain. Rights and freedom and liberty can be brushed aside by juries of less than twelve. Yet urinating on our nations flag is indeed a form of protected speech…


It’s back: Court to hear arguments over Ariz. immigration law

December 4, 2010

When the Federale’s refuse to enforce their own laws a state needs to do what it has to in order to protect itself, and it’s lawful citizen’s.

PHOENIX – The impassioned debate over the nation’s immigration policy takes center stage at the Supreme Court Wednesday in a dispute over an Arizona law that punishes employers who knowingly hire workers illegally in the U.S.

Arizona’s employer sanctions law has been used just three times in three years, but business interests and civil rights groups, backed by the Obama administration, have banded together to argue that only the federal government may enforce immigration laws.

The outcome in this case also could signal how the court would handle the controversial and more expansive Arizona immigration enforcement law, known as SB1070, that the administration challenged and a federal judge blocked key components this summer.

“It could take this less visible case and do something that impacts substantially on the SB1070 litigation by making some broader observations,” said Peter Spiro, who teaches immigration law at Temple University’s law school.

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Feds Sue Sheriff Arpaio in Civil Rights Probe

September 3, 2010

This, is just plain disgusting…

The U.S. Justice Department sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Thursday, saying the Arizona lawman refused for more than a year to turn over records in an investigation into allegations his department discriminates against Hispanics.

The lawsuit calls Arpaio and his Maricopa County office’s defiance “unprecedented,” and said the federal government has been trying since March 2009 to get officials to comply with its probe of alleged discrimination, unconstitutional searches and seizures, and jail policies that discriminate against people with limited English skills.

Arpaio, who had been given until Aug. 17 to hand over documents the federal government asked for 15 months ago, called the Justice Department actions harassment.

His office has said it won’t hand over additional documents because federal authorities haven’t said exactly what they were investigating.

“They have hundreds of thousands of reports, hundreds of thousands,” Arpaio said at a news conference Thursday morning in downtown Phoenix. “They’re so broad, we’re trying to narrow it down. We’re trying to work with them.”

The lawsuit is a ruse, Arpaio said.

“I think they know we have not been racial profiling, so what’s the next step — camouflage the situation, go to the courts, and make it look like I’m not cooperating?” he said.

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The Arizona Immigration Law

June 9, 2010

There is another poll having to do with the not really controversial law passed recently in Arizona regarding illegal immigration.

Take the poll and see the results HERE.

Why do I say that it is in fact not really controversial? When the approval rate is as high as it is that shows a lack of controversy. In fact, the only controversy about it is brought to you by






Hat Tip to Texas Fred!

“It’s pretty ugly out there,”

May 6, 2010

“A violent new film from cult director Robert Rodriguez is declaring war on Arizona with a “special Cinco de Mayo message” in the wake of the state’s controversial illegal immigration law.”

So, after all is said and done Arizona takes it on the chin for passing a law that is almost word for word a mirror of the Federal Law on immigration?

I remember many of the past Cinco parades in Denver. One of the more popular signs being carried said “It’s about culture not color.” Well golly gee Robert  if this is the sort of culture that you want to import then yes, we do have a serious problem.

Read the whole story HERE

Immigration as an electoral weapon

April 29, 2010

“Arizona’s new immigration law shows what happens when a state on the front lines of a failed immigration policy reaches the bursting point. What you get is a blunt instrument that produces lawsuits, more political polarization (if that’s possible) and the risk of hostility between the local police and the public. The law makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. without proper documents. It allows the police to stop anyone on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they may be in the country unlawfully and arrest them on the spot if they can’t produce identity papers. The police aren’t required to have a search warrant or even to suspect some illegal action has occurred before questioning a person. Traditionally the federal government has enforced immigration laws, so this is an extraordinary state criminalization of a heretofore federal authority. … The loud voices denouncing ‘Arizona’ should understand that the results of the nation’s failed immigration policies have come down on this state. … Congressional Democrats have no intention of enacting serious immigration reform before November. President Obama is surely playing politics with the situation in Arizona for gain in the fall. He’d like to pick a fight and define Republicans as anti-Hispanic going into the election, without having to propose anything substantive. We’d support a national immigration reform that was realistic about the fact that most of these are economic migrants who will find a way to come here in any case if this is where the jobs are. The most effective way to reduce illegal entries and defuse these tensions is to expand legal channels, including guest worker programs. This would reduce illegal immigration and free up security resources to threats from drug gangs and the like. But so long as Republicans, Democrats and Mr. Obama mainly view immigration as an electoral weapon, the nation can expect more desperate laws like Arizona’s.” —The Wall Street Journal

“President Obama called the Arizona [immigration] law misguided. What’s misguided, Mr. President, is the federal government’s ongoing refusal to enforce the laws that are already on the books. Read the Arizona law. Parts of it are word-for-word the same as the federal statutes which continue to be all but ignored.” –CNN’s Jack Cafferty

“It is passing strange for federal officials, including the president, to accuse Arizona of irresponsibility while the federal government is refusing to fulfill its responsibility to control the nation’s borders. Such control is an essential attribute of national sovereignty. America is the only developed nation that has a 2,000-mile border with a developing nation, and the government’s refusal to control that border is why there are an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona and why the nation, sensibly insisting on first things first, resists ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform.” –columnist George Will

“In terms of resources and in terms of political will, it has become abundantly clear that the federal government refuses to make the right decisions in terms of enforcing the law and making the critical reforms necessary to drive down illegal immigration. Sadly, efforts in Congress have been more about gaining political votes through an unnecessary amnesty than on honest and effective reforms.” –columnist Jena McNeill, Heritage Foundation

“If a state, or nation, has laws it will not enforce for political reasons, it mocks both the law and politics, to say nothing of the cultural order.” –columnist Cal Thomas

“The election we need so desperately is coming. There’s an intermediate need as well: namely, to balk or slow down the administration’s initiatives until the debate — if there ever is a debate — can commence and the people, knowing what they now know, can say how they truly would like things to be. The establishment, if this happens, will prate about ‘obstructionism.’ Fine. We’re traveling about 150 miles an hour right now as we weave down the political superhighway. Flashing red and blue lights behind us would be a sight for sore eyes.” –columnist William Murchison


Will Controversy cool Arizona tourism?

April 27, 2010

Folks, this is straight out of the “stupid is as stupid does” folder. From The Communist News Network, as may well be expected…

Political Correctness at the expense of profit? No, simply political correctness. Arizona will see a tremendous drop in personal, as well as property crimes if the new law is properly enforced. That draws customers. That means money, and lot’s of it. Think about it folks. Las Vegas, Nevada was founded by big time crooks. They knew how to make money. Serious money. They also had, and to an extent still do, some of the toughest street crime fighters around. Why? MONEY!

When people feel safe they will bring their families, and, spend money! Right now? Arizona is the nations capital for kidnapping, home invasions, and God only knows what else! Most of said activities can be directly related to Illegal Aliens. As in drug runners, gang members, and white slavery… Then there is auto theft, and the list just goes on….

Read about it at;

Stupid is as Stupid Does dot Com

Then book a tour of duty with the Minute Men.

Illegal Immigration: Will Arizona lead the way?

April 23, 2010

As noted in an earlier posting Arizona on a per capita basis is probably the state being hit the hardest by illegal immigration. At least they are attempting to actually do something about it. Since Presidents have really done absolutely nothing about this since Eisenhower launched Operation Wetback.

Times have changed since then, and racial profiling should largely be nothing but a red herring. Even if it does happen on occasion any untoward results should be readily corrected if a citizen’s rights are infringed upon. Further, since it appears that a rather large segment of immigration smuggling along with other smuggling; drugs, full auto weapons, sex slavery and so on comes through Arizona. Arizona looks to be poised to help the entire nation tremendously. Granted, the drug and other cartels will find other ways to get what they want. However, any effort to throttle down the flow should be commended.

Read on…

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday neared a deadline to act on the nation’s toughest legislation against illegal immigration.

The sweeping measure would make it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal.

A Saturday deadline for Brewer, a Republican, to act on the bill was set on Monday when the legislation arrived on her desk. She can sign, veto or allow it to become law without her signature.

Civil rights activists have said the bill would lead to racial profiling and deter Hispanics from reporting crimes. Hundreds of Hispanics protested the legislation at the State Capitol complex on Thursday.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Russell Pearce of Mesa, said it would remove “political handcuffs” from police and help drive illegal immigrants from the state.

“Illegal is illegal,” said Pearce, a driving force on the issue in Arizona. “We’ll have less crime. We’ll have lower taxes. We’ll have safer neighborhoods. We’ll have shorter lines in the emergency rooms. We’ll have smaller classrooms.”

Arizona has an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants and is the nation’s busiest border crossing point.

Other provisions of the bill allow lawsuits against government agencies that hinder enforcement of immigration laws, and make it illegal to hire illegal immigrants for day labor or knowingly transport them.

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No, it’s not just a “Texas” problem..

April 20, 2010

Illegal immigration is one of the three heads of the hydra that is determined to destroy the United States of America. And just to cut off the heads of those that immediately proclaim myself and Texas Fred as racist and haters of Mexicans; the list includes, but however is not limited to: Russian Mafia members, IRA activist’s, German Neo Nazi’s, Colombian Narco Terrorist, and..? Ta da! Canadian poachers that decimate our hard earned trophy class animals to sell to Asian’s so that their peters will stand up to the task of their demanding woman folk!

My Libertarian leanings are more than well known. Political Libertarianism is falling by the wayside because of the strange, and even weird things that Political Libertarians have been doing as of late. That is why, after so many years, I left the party. The GOOFBALLS WON!

But..? We have this… To deal with.

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