Tea Party things and more… More epic fail obama

“Rather than protesting the greatest expansion of government in U.S. history, Tea Party attendees should be thanking Big Government for all it’s done. At least, that’s what President Obama thinks. As the Associated Press reported Thursday, the president said he was ‘amused’ by the Tea Party faithful gathering in cities across America to protest soaring government spending, ballooning debt and the explosion in taxes that will be needed to pay for it all. ‘You would think they’d be saying thank you,’ he said. And why should they be thankful? As the president himself said on his weekly radio address a week ago, ‘one thing we have not done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000; that’s another promise we kept.’ In fact, that wasn’t his promise at all. Here’s what candidate Obama really said in September of 2008: ‘Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.’ Got that? ‘Not any of your taxes.’ The claim of no tax hikes on those below $250,000 as a result of the current administration’s policies is completely and utterly false. A report from the House Ways & Means Committee’s GOP members notes that, since January 2009, Congress and the president have enacted $670 billion in tax increases. That’s $2,100 for each person in America. At least 14 of those tax hikes, the report says, break Obama’s pledge not to raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000. Roughly $316 billion of the tax hikes — 14 increases in all — hit middle-class families, the report says.” —Investor’s Business Daily

“While President Obama assails the culture of greed and recklessness practiced by the men of Goldman Sachs, his administration is infested with them. The White House can no more disown Government Sachs than Da Boss-in-chief can disown Chicago politics.” –columnist Michelle Malkin

“President Obama is nothing if not a clever operator. He accepts $994,795 in campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs — then turns around when it’s convenient and uses them as a model for why we need to heavily regulate the financial sector.” –columnist Ben Shapiro

“The tea partiers … recognize, correctly, that the Obama Democrats are trying to permanently enlarge government and increase citizens’ dependence on it. And, invoking the language of the Founding Fathers, they believe that this will destroy the culture of independence which has enabled Americans over the past two centuries to make this the most productive and prosperous — and the most charitably generous — nation in the world.” –political analyst Michael Barone

“When liberals advocate a value-added tax, conservatives should respond: Taxing consumption has merits, so we will consider it — after the 16th Amendment is repealed. A VAT will be rationalized as necessary to restore fiscal equilibrium. But without ending the income tax, a VAT would be just a gargantuan instrument for further subjugating Americans to government.” –columnist George Will

“In years to come — assuming, for the purposes of argument, there are any years to come — scholars will look back at President Barack Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit and marvel. … He held a nuclear gabfest in 2010, the biggest meeting of world leaders on American soil since the founding of the United Nations 65 years ago — and Iran wasn’t on the agenda.” –columnist Mark Steyn

“Speaking of those huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the Obama administration, led by Sec. Clinton, is pressuring Kenya to adopt abortion on demand. Kenya, like many African states, abhors the destruction of unborn life. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are unwilling to ‘interfere’ with Iran’s internal affairs, but they are most willing to muscle pro-life Kenya.” –columnist Ken Blackwell

“[L]iberals who like [Justice] Stevens’ rulings insist he understands the plight of the downtrodden, despite the fact that the nearly 90-year-old justice was born rich and has served on the court for almost 35 years, becoming more liberal as he has become more distant from life as lived by the little guys. Meanwhile, Clarence Thomas was born dirt poor and black in rural Georgia and spends his vacations exploring America in an RV. But those same liberals insist he doesn’t understand poverty and race the way Stevens does. How do they know? Because they don’t like his rulings.” –columnist Jonah Goldberg


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  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    Comment edited for cursing. Do that again Futile, and you will get banned. Me? I’m a big boy and can handle that sort of discourse. However, there are several teachers that use this blog as a resource for children. I cannot, therefore allow such language to be posted here in good conscience.


  2. Chuck Says:

    Brilliant comment futile! In just one sentence you have profoundly and completely uprooted my world view, caused me to question all that I know to be true, and turned me into a self-absorbed, brooding, anarchist…just like you!

    Thanks for all you have done!


  3. mainenowandthen Says:

    If only one takes time to look, they will find abundant evidence that Mr. Obama is undoubtedly the most unqualified individual ever to hold office of any kind. He was a terrible candidate and is proving to be even worse as our supposed “leader”.

    His monumental inabilities and resulting multitudes of mistakes should be repeatedly publicized at every opportunity.


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