Saint Teddy?

I about fell over when I read this about the swimmer. But what are we to expect from the likes of Kerry et al?

“At a time when the American taxpayer is on the hook for trillions in current and future federal spending — when the Congressional Budget Office warns that the current rate of federal spending is ‘unsustainable’ — liberal Democrats in Congress have earmarked over $68 million of taxpayer dollars for a Boston shrine to the late Senator Edward Kennedy. In a detailed report, the Boston Herald describes the planned Edward M. Kennedy Institute as a ‘temple for Ted Kennedy built with pork.’ According to their account, congressional Democrats — especially … John Kerry and Edward Markey — have been cramming earmarks for the project into various government funding bills. The Herald found that Kerry and Markey even intend to siphon $28.9 million of the institute’s funding from the Defense Department budget, with almost $19 million of that amount already signed into law. … I believe that establishing Teddy’s Temple with millions of taxpayer dollars is meant to serve twin purposes. First, it is intended to enshrine the pretense that one’s politics is more important than any other aspect of one’s personal character. … Second, Teddy’s Temple is a means to an even broader end. That end is to elevate his liberal ideology to the status of an official, government-approved ‘ideal.’ You can be sure that the ‘good citizenship’ propagated at his shrine will translate into speeches, writings, video clips, totems, classes, and materials extolling his liberalism generally, and his advocacy of socialized medicine specifically — all paid for with your hard-earned dollars.” –columnist Robert Bidinotto


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4 Responses to “Saint Teddy?”

  1. Alfie Says:

    Seems like a fitting memorial to me. An eternal testament to pork. Perhaps they can use a variation of the Clinton Library design. that thing is supposed to look like a bridge. Ya see where I’m going right?


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I sure do Alfie!


  3. HoosierArmyMom Says:

    Having been an art major at one time, I could design a monument for Teddy dirt cheap, that would be most fitting. Put up a large wading pool, fill it with dark water and put the back end of a 60’s Oldsmobile in it, upright. Add a cycle and hammer license plate for effect, a bottle of cheap scotch floating and some blond hair coming out of the rear window! Put up a sign that says “Remember Mary Jo, Teddy?”… Burn in Hell. I could do the whole thing for a few thousand dollars! It would be very artsy too!

    The Congress Critters are nothing but criminals!


  4. HoosierArmyMom Says:

    oops… I meant sickle, not cycle… doh!


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