NOT GUILTY!: Navy Seal’s

Whew! Read about this travesty HERE. Travesty? You bet it is, these guys should never have been charged.

Yes, things do need to be investigated. Along with noting that in the AQ handbook it states to ALWAYS make an accusation of abuse and or torture.

Look bad guys of all stripes; When you mess with the best? Expect a butt whooping! American Spec Op’s of all persuasions are “The best!”

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8 Responses to “NOT GUILTY!: Navy Seal’s”

  1. HoosierArmyMom Says:

    I am soooo relieved that number 3 has been acquitted! Now I think the Justice Dept. should issue an apology to the Seals, but I’m not holding my brealth! You are right, they are THE BEST!


  2. Elric66 Says:

    Im sure we will see more charges thanks to this regime.


  3. Chuck Says:

    Thank God for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. They are the fabric of our flag.


  4. mainenowandthen Says:

    These ridiculous trials are a prime example of the political correctness that is undermining our armed forces. Back when our top military leaders were warriors rather than politicians, such an action would never have been even contemplated. Leadership demands that those in positions of authority consider the welfare of their subordinates as well as the completion of the mission and the bringing to trial of these special operations personnel undermines both precepts.

    Considering that terrorists are provided with extensive training on how to fabricate abusive charges after they are captured, we can no doubt expect such charades to continue.

    My utmost respect is extended to all of our troops who, in these times, are expected to perform miracles while hampered by a multitude of restrictions imposed by “chairborne commandos”, both military and civilian.


  5. TexasFred Says:

    Prayers were sure answered this time!!


  6. Patrick Sperry Says:

    The assaults on our Warriors and LEO’s that do their jobs will, IMO, continue, at least until 2012. To be honest though, it is not a democrat thing. The Bush White House did the same things…


  7. TexasFred Says:

    In SO many ways, Bush was just as bad as ANY Dem… He wanted amnesty, he did ZIP on the borders and he was all for the 1st bailout…

    Bush is a RINO at best, a closet Dem at worst, in any case, the SOB is gone…

    Can’t wait for Obama to be too….


  8. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I hear that Fred…


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