The Economy is on the rise: Epic Fail Obama, the lies continue

Supposedly the economy is on the rise. The government decided that it is, so it must be so. While a few jobs were added unemployment took yet another upswing…

The lack of basic economic principles inside the heads of epic fail obama’s administration is nothing less than astounding. At least to those of us that actually did pass Macro and Micro Economics. Then from across the pond, we have this.

John Williams: A Hyper-Inflationary Great Depression Is Coming
Source: Tim McLaughlin and Karen Roche of The Gold Report 4/30/10

ShadowStats’ John Williams has done his math and believes his numbers tell the truth. He explains why the U.S. is in a depression and why a “Hyper-Inflationary Great Depression” is now unavoidable. John also shares why he selects gold as a metal for asset conversion in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report.


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