obama care in the crosshairs

The government of epic fail obama has tried to claim that the wholly un-Constitutional obamacare does not violate the Constitution.

Congress acted well within its power to regulate interstate commerce and to provide for the general welfare, Justice Department lawyers argued in a 46-page brief filed in federal district court in Detroit. For the courts to overturn President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation would amount to unwarranted interference with the policymaking authority of Congress, they added.

When will the coronation begin? So the vulcan eared phony can ram anything down the throats of the people of America? If this monstrosity was so Constitutional and good for America then why the bribes? Why did getting it passed require so many back room deals?

The case could go all the way to the Supreme Court, since more than a dozen state attorneys general have also filed suit against the legislation on broadly similar grounds. Cases are pending in federal courts in Virginia and Florida, raising the possibility that different appeals courts could issue conflicting rulings that the Supreme Court would have to resolve.

So, we the people, will once again have to bend our collective knees and adhere to the law like good little Boy Scouts? Anyone with as much as mush between their ears saw what can be expected during the Town Hall Meetings. We, the people, are fed up with overbearing government! before of all you leftist get your panties all wadded up bear in mind that the above statement applies to Republicans as well as democrat / socialist’s. Two, or more wrongs do not make a right people. Further, who does them makes not a single iota of difference.

“Under the government’s theory, they could force anyone to purchase vitamins, join a health club, or buy a General Motors vehicle, for that matter,” said Robert Muise, a lead attorney for the Thomas More Law Center, the conservative group that filed the Michigan lawsuit March 23, the same day Obama signed the law.

This country simply cannot wait for this to go to the Supreme Court. This needs to be stopped in it’s tracks. Add in the Court stacking that the current regime is doing, and this is the sort of thing that we can look forward to for quite some time.

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And the cost?

Let’s not forget about the hidden gun control, that was stripped out, and then sneaked back in like a Lautenberg in the night.

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