Obamacare is only a few weeks old…

Obamacare is only a few weeks old, but the evidence against it is mounting with every passing day. A small portion of that evidence is described in the open letter to Congress provided below.

Please send Congress another letter demanding that they repeal the recently passed healthcare bill.

You can copy or borrow from this sample letter:

Please take immediate action to repeal the recently passed healthcare bill. To understand just a few of the reasons why repeal is needed please read this column by Cato Institute scholar Michael Tanner: http://www.ocregister.com/opinion/health-246711-care-insurance.html

Here’s a partial summary . . .

A study by the RAND Corporation has now confirmed the warning Congress was given by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) prior to passing the healthcare bill. Obamacare will do NOTHING to curb increases in insurance premiums. For example, RAND predicts that premiums will rise by 17% for young people.

A recent CBO report also predicts that up to 10 million workers will lose their current insurance under Obamacare, and will either have to buy new insurance through the government-run exchanges, or be forced into Medicaid.

Remember, President Obama and Congressional leaders promised us that none of us would lose our current coverage.

In addition, President Obama has criticized U.S. citizens for spending more on healthcare than any other people in the world, while also promising that Obamacare would reduce U.S. healthcare spending. But the federal government’s chief actuary, Richard Foster, is predicting that total healthcare spending will actually increase by $311 billion over the next 10 years.

Mr. Foster also doubts that the promised Medicare savings that Congress used to wrangle a good CBO spending score will really happen, but if they do happen then the likely result will be bankruptcy for up to 15% of U.S. hospitals!

Mr. Tanner’s column goes on to highlight CBO estimates about the tax increases and penalties Americans are projected to pay as a result of the healthcare bill.

But Mr. Tanner isn’t the only scholar digging into government reports to expose the true costs and dangers of the new healthcare law. The list of problems I’m sharing with you here could easily be longer, and is almost certain to grow more extensive as the months pass. How could it be otherwise . . .

Congress didn’t read the bill before passing it. This was completely irresponsible. But now that scholars are having time to do the reading that Congress should have done, the diagnosis is increasingly clear — the healthcare bill is a cancer, and REPEAL is the only remedy. Do it now.


You can send your letter to Congress using DownsizeDC.org’s Educate the Powerful System. https://secure.downsizedc.org/etp/campaigns/114

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