Exclusive in-depth investigation, part 3–what is ‘government 2.0’?

With the development and advancement of the Internet, malevolent forces that have joined together in a big government/big corporation conglomeration have a powerful and effective tool by which to obtain their objectives–ultimate power and huge sums of money.

In Part One of this investigation we discovered that the Obama Administration is preparing to expand the size and scope of government to unprecedented levels.  In Part Two we uncovered a report, issued by the Rand Corporation and commissioned by the U.S. Army and the Administration in Washington, to put into place a new national police force that will have unprecedented powers to enforce the new initiatives of this oppressive regime–Obama’s 4th Reich.

Today we examine how these malevolent forces are presently using the Internet to violate every known principle of liberty as set forth in the Constitution and place each citizen under constant surveillance reminiscent of George Orwell’s nightmare, 1984.

The Internet is tailor-made for totalitarians.  The manner in which the web has been configured, allowing tracking cookies and other such spy-ware, is a tyrant’s dream.  While it can be used for great good, in the wrong hands it can become a tool for government and corporate snoops, spying on ordinary citizens, and then using the information gathered to coerce, intimidate, and corral the herds of the populace into submission.

Some of this, of course, is already being done.  Google and other search engine corporations are known for privacy violations and their reckless attitude toward the rights of citizens.  Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, as we shall see, are also major offenders.

But the key to understanding the present push toward totalitarian government can be found in numerous statements issued by the Obama Administration contending that there is no inherent right to privacy on the Internet, not even with regard to email.

The Canadian government echoed this sentiment when it stated that there is no right to privacy with the Internet, because ‘that’s the way it was designed.’

In conjunction with the notion that there is no inherent right to private communication on the Internet is the push by the Obama  Administration to make having Broadband Internet ‘a basic human right.’

The Left has been advancing such a notion for several years now.  During the 2008 Presidential campaign Democratic candidate John Edwards was asked in a TV interview to describe the things he considers to be ‘inherent, basic human rights.’  At the top of the his list was ‘Internet access,’ while failing to mention a single guaranteed right contained in the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution.

This is no accident.  By making Broadband Internet access a human right, thus expanding the scope of Internet communication to nearly everyone on the planet, the notion cited above that ‘there is no inherent right to privacy on the Internet’ takes on an entirely different tone.

The moguls of big government and big corporations want everyone communicating on the Internet so that they can monitor the thoughts and activities of citizens, leading to preemptive action if necessary, to control the population.

And that brings us to something called ‘Government 2.0.’ And there is even already a concerted effort to wage war on those who would attempt to oppose it.

The basic thrust of the concept of Gov. 2.0 is to bring together the brightest minds on the planet, along with the moguls of government and corporations, to take both the government and the Internet to an entirely new level, based upon the world-wide web.

One of the investigative sources for this series, who shall remain anonymous, stated the following:

So, a burgeoning, massive database appears to already be forming, beyond the “Evil Empire,” Google.
There’s Web 2.0. Now there’s “Gov 2.0.”
Blogs, photos, or seemingly innocent opinions…recorded as isolated incidents, are to be gathered
from numerous social networks and indeed, across the Internet. The massive power of the ongoing
“collective.” Once gathered & indexed they can be sorted in powerful ways to spur further
investigations and enable its use, years later… “evidence” as ammunition or tools for political coercion.

So, who are some of the main players invited by the Obama White House to be part of the start-up of Government 2.0?

We will name the names in the next segment.

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