World Economy: Are we in for a ride like no other?

During the power outages that kept me from the important things in life, like blogging (jk). I started thinking about things on a Macro level. As in the economy. The similarities between the seventies and now are worrisome to say the least.

Our government keeps insisting that things are getting better. Yet everyday there are more and more reports that unemployment is still rising, and lay offs are also again on the rise. Supposedly, inflation is not happening. Yet, all of my bills are growing, and prices are continuing to surge. Even adjusting for the upcoming holiday fuel is rising in price well beyond what it plausibly should be. The power came back on, and here is what I found. The bane of times past…

Why I Expect Serious Stagflation – Robert P. Murphy – Mises Daily

Soros Says Fed in a Bind Beware Stagflation Bursting of Bond

Stagflation in 2010 May Look Like Reruns of the 1970s

Stagflation Versus Hyperinflation – Paul Krugman Blog –

Transition From Crisis To Stagflation

World Currency Watch: FOREX Market, FOREX Trading BLOG

Bah Humbug: Stagflation is around the corner | Economists’ Forum

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  1. PanAm Says:

    Plenty of good info on economics, etc., and extensive links… Thank you…


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Piece of cake PanAm.


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