Winner Of 2010 Sarah Brady Visionary Award

Well well well. Who would have thought…

On May 18, the Brady Campaign held a big shindig in Washington, D.C., to give this year’s “Sarah Brady Visionary Award” to now-former Hearst News Service White House reporter Helen Thomas.

In accepting the award, Thomas vilified the U.S. Supreme Court for declaring the Second Amendment to protect an individual right to arms, and vilified the Armed Forces for fighting the war on terrorism.

“The inept Supreme Court has found a way for all individuals to have a right to have a gun,” Thomas griped. “No Guns! What planet does the Supreme Court live on? . . . We’re living in an era when we send robots halfway around the world to kill people in their own country, and no one asks why. Let’s never give up hope that we can control deadly guns in this country.”

Before Thomas accepted the award, Brady Campaign president Paul Helmke read a statement from President Obama, who said, “Helen Thomas will always hold special place in my heart.” Sarah Brady called Thomas “the finest journalist of our generation.”

Mrs. Brady may wish to revise and extend her remarks, however. Thomas’s moment of adulation was brought to an abrupt halt on June 7, when Thomas resigned in disgrace for having said that Jews in Israel should go back to Germany or Poland, where, as the world knows, millions of unarmed Jews were imprisoned in concentration camps and, ultimately, murdered by the Nazis.


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4 Responses to “Winner Of 2010 Sarah Brady Visionary Award”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Liberals want us disarmed so that they can express their bigotry openly without fear of reprisal.


  2. PanAm Says:

    Great that you located these info and quotes… Who’d a thunk it that those words would come back to haunt…


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    So true Chuck! BTW, chuck wrote a really great piece over at HM folks. Click the link to Head Muscle on the sidebar and read about Harper’s Ferry!

    Pan Am that is one of the great things about the internet! Knowledge is power. How we use that power will in part be the test of our moral fortitude.


  4. mainenowandthen Says:

    Helen Thomas, Sarah Brady, Barack Obama ….. “birds of a feather …..”

    Dodos and cuckoos immediately come to mind.


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