The more we learn: epic fail obamacare

As more and more of the contents of obamacare are exposed it is clear. We warned you, and it’s actually worse… This obomanation shoved down the throats of Americans is being touted by the impostor in chiefs administration and lackey’s as something otherwise. Like a ckeck to seniors that helps cover the “doughnut hole” will make up for all the rest of what is in it.

Those opposed to Democratic health reform still see the issue as a political winner, White House p.r. efforts notwithstanding. House minority leader John Boehner sent out a press release about the newly energized Administration messaging campaign titled “All that Glitters Is Not Sold,” and James Capretta, a former White House staffer during the George W. Bush Administration, is spearheading a website touted by conservative Bill Kristol to counter pro–health care reform messages. Called, the site includes commentary and reporting critical of the Affordable Care Act. The opening piece on the website is headlined, “The More We Learn, the Worse It Gets.”

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  2. mainenowandthen Says:

    Obama explains that a quick fix on the “Doughnut Hole” inequity would “blow an hole in the budget”? Man, that says it all. Hypocrisy on display at its absolute summit (for now). Another beauty from the guy who has put us into debt for at least another trillion dollars with his “healthcare fix”.

    The Republicans must continue to expose the massive costs to the public and the disadvantages that most Americans will face as the details of this enormous fraud continue to unfold. Simply to say that they are against Obamacare will not suffice to counteract the huge campaign to sell this monstrosity to the voters and the complicity of the media in repeating the distortions and lies.

    Any voter truly concerned with improving the health insurance problems in America must commit to removing from office any member of Congress who voted for this terrible piece of legislation.


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