The Colorado Division of Wildlife has posted its annual story package for the 2010 Big Game Hunting Season on its Web site. All media outlets are invited to use these for specials sections, on Web sites or in regular publications. Photos from the DOW image database are also available.

These are general stories that provide basic information to big game hunters. Topics include: care of big game meat; what hunters should do if they make a mistake in the field; proper use of off-road vehicles; common violations; tips for hunting deer and elk, and more.

Go to this web site to access the stories:

Following is the list of the stories available this year.
–          Caring for Your Campsite
–          Don’t Shoot a Moose
–          Essential Hunting Gear Check-list
–          High Altitude Survival
–          DOW Offers Many Information Resources for Hunters
–          What to do if You Make a Mistake While Hunting
–          Know Where You’re Hunting
–          Preference Point System Explained
–          How to Hunt Pronghorn
–          Ranching for Wildlife Program Unique
–          Colorado’s Wildlife Conservation History
–          How to Hunt Deer
–          Avoid These Common Hunting Violations
–          How to Hunt Elk
–          Taking Care of Game Meat
–          Hunting Ethics Critical to Sport
–          How to Hunt Safely
–          Hunting with Horses
–          Know the Rules of Hunting
–          Poaching a Constant Problem
–          Staying Found in the Mountains
–          Use ATVs Properly
–          Wildlife Management in Colorado

If you need photos for your publication or Web site, photos from the DOW image database can be downloaded from You can browse images by category or search by keyword. Once you’ve found the image you want, simply copy and paste the image or the image URL to your computer. Caption information is included with most photos. Unless otherwise noted, please credit Colorado Division of Wildlife.

For details about hunting in specific areas in Colorado, you can contact one of the DOW’s public information specialists:
Northeast region: Jennifer Churchill (303) 291-7234
Southeast region: Michael Seraphin (719) 227-5211
Northwest region: Randy Hampton (970) 255-6162
Southwest region: Joe Lewandowski (970) 375-6708
Statewide: Tyler Baskfield (303) 291-7468
Statewide: Jerry Neal (303) 291-7161

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

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