Epic Fail obama: Woof!

Sorry epic failure, but no, we don’t talk to you like you are a dog. Simply put, it’s the economy stupid! It’s what you and your cronies are doing to the nation. It’s what you are doing to the Constitution that you swore to uphold and defend. It’s about the Bill of Rights. It’s about the rule of law, all laws, not just the cherry picked ones that you happen to like. It’s about you paying off your cronies in the unions and other places. Like the Joyce Foundation and others.

What’s this about? Go read THIS!

Oh, and I almost forgot. Are you an illegal alien obama? Those ears make you look a lot like a Romulan…

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One Response to “Epic Fail obama: Woof!”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    Weak, vain and foolish people simply cannot accept that others do not agree with them – therefore they insist that their critics must have racist, ignorant, mean motivations rather than simple disagreements. Obama always acts, speaks and thinks as a true Liberal and projection is perhaps their main stock in trade. He fails to understand that such immature rants simply underline his already glaring inadequacies as a leader.


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