Oh give me a F**king Break! : Judge clears way for California’s first execution since 2006

I sat on a jury, way back in the day. I was still in California and a proud citizen of said state at that time.

At the time I was an auto Mechanic, with a basic Associates degree, and an ASS in Automotive Technology. Somehow, I ended up the Jury Foreman.

We deliberated long, and hard. Our Jury was in fact multiracial, with a slight bias toward Asian’s. It wasn’t the verdict, but the penalty that caused us to deliberate for so long… One Juror, was a devout Catholic that was very opposed to any harsh penalty. Another just didn’t trust the government. But, after a week, we, the people, decided that this miscreant that we were Judging? Needed to die…

Two years later, USSC decided that they, knew better than we the people…

This total miscreant, “fell” from a tier in a California State Prison. I am no fan of the Aryan Brotherhood, but hey guys? Ya’ got that one right! Broken Clock Justice perhaps..?


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