Bears beware..?

Back in the day… Alright, a little background is indicated. Animal rights wacko jobs succeeded in getting the voters of Colorado to pass a law that forbid spring bear hunting. For all the wrong headed reasons.

It didn’t help sometime later when..? A Division of Wildlife officer testified at a trial that there had never been a documented case of a black bear harming a human…

In any case the results were as expected. Human bear conflicts rose to unprecedented levels, including a woman being killed, and partially consumed by bears. Now, it appears that the truth is coming back to haunt the people of Colorado. Read on…

DENVER (AP) – Bears beware – Colorado lawmakers worried about the animals’ growing population are talking about giving wildlife officials more say over when bears can be hunted.

A proposal set for its first hearing Monday would repeal a 1992 voter-approved initiative that prohibits hunting bears from March 1 to Sept. 1 and give the state Division of Wildlife authority to expand hunting dates.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the initiative amid concern that female bears were being hunted in the spring, when they are taking care of their cubs. The initiative also banned hunting bears with dogs and baiting bears with food to kill them. The bill sponsored by Rep. J. Paul Brown would not eliminate those provisions.

Brown, a lawmaker from southwestern Colorado, said he’s concerned that the animals are becoming less afraid of people.



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