Epic Fail obama:Obama adds new position to crush negative coverage online

In anticipation of a brutal 2012 re-election bid, Barack Obama has added a new position to the White House staff. Jesse Lee is now charged with crushing negative coverage of Obama online. His title is ‘Director of Progressive Media and Online Response.’
With virtually no opposition or challenge to the President offered by the mainstream media, the Obama machine has set its sights on the Internet, where there are significant demands of accountability from this Administration. If Obama can successfully smash such responsible journalism, then he will have the entirety of the news coverage in his hip pocket.
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Now, I ask the varied readers of this blog. Was this not to be expected? How many of us will end up censured, or worse..? Just who is this Jesse Lee? I’m sure that much more will be known about that character in the very near future. Yet another Czar…

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3 Responses to “Epic Fail obama:Obama adds new position to crush negative coverage online”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    Actually, this “new position” is quite likely to be the control center for the massive, ugly smear campaign that will be launched against the Republican nominee – or indeed any potential nominee who could be deemed a serious challenge to the Leftist regime. It’s also another way to collect and distribute the millions of dollars that will pour in from anti-American sources (more than likely, including some from foreign entities). More and more disgusting as the election draws near.


  2. commontater Says:

    Welcome to prezdementia’s Ministry of Truth Tsar who’s responsible for the current spinning of George Orwell in his disturbed rest. What is it going to *take* for good men to stop this out-of-control situation? How ’bout Jesse Lee’s new handle Director of Progressive Media & Online Response; it sounds so important. BTW, did you know that info gleaned from the Venona Papers (Decoding Soviet Espionage in America; John Earl Haynes & Harvey Klehr) outed ‘progressive’ as another word for communist?


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    So true Maine, and I’m not at all sure that will be the only thing that we will have to deal with. Hence Tater’s comment.

    Yes Tater, I was aware. Seems someone posted about that sometime back. Wish I could give credit, but it was way back in the forum days.


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