Well, well, well… Here we go again!

Politics. It’s an ever interesting field for many, and it does have a direct impact on our lives. What do you look for in a politician?

Are you a “bring home the bacon” supporter type? As in what will this or that person do for my home area?

Perhaps you are a singular social issue type. Mysandry (male hating sexist that believes that a woman can do no wrong.) Or you beat dead horse’s over gay rights, and look for insinuations or attacks at every opportunity based upon a belief. Then toss out red herring’s as though they are facts..?

Perhaps you are really into the Constitution and Bill of Rights? (Yup, I plead guilty to belonging in this group!)

Then there are always those that are going to save the world. After all, why should some have more than others..? Why are some more powerful than others, and so on goes the line. All Gore and the man made global warming extremist’s are a fair example of this group. Even if they are going to get rich by proclaiming themselves our saviors…

Are you an anarchist pretending to be a libertarian? A Libertarian with a solid streak of anarchist inside of you..?

Believe in pure democracy? That the majority position should always rule? Does the Utilitarian come out in you more often than not?

Just food for thought…


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4 Responses to “Well, well, well… Here we go again!”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    Hopefully I can find someone who does not regard the Constitution as a “living document” subject to constant change to reflect the current social fads, someone who believes in the rule of law, someone who believes in fiscal responsibility and limited government and someone who exemplifies ethical and moral constraint.

    Damn, that sounds like way to much to hope for from the current available crop, don’t it?


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Perzactly Maine!


  3. tonydowning Says:

    I’m a constitution type, too.

    What I look for in a politician is a guy who isn’t steeped in theory — that type of theory-guy is bad because he hurts friends and helps enemies, like our Cinco de Cuatro.

    Our president, in other words, hurt Israel for Hamas, hurt Poland and the Czechs for Putin’s Russia (allegedly post-Soviet, but I don’t believe it), and hurt Americans in general for going to Cairo and apologizing for America (without asking us!). He does all kinds of stuff to posit moral equivalence between countries that are not even close to being equivalent morally.

    So, someone who understands the genius of our constitution understands its attitude towards the human race — lock up the silverware, in other words!

    The theory-people can’t stand the separation of powers and the checks and balances because those stand in the way of gaining unfettered power to manipulate everyone. Their sense of being the indispensable people is then hampered seriously.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Theory is all fine and dandy. Rational thoughtfulness keeps us from engaging in stupidity. Less than rational thought also provides examples of what not to do.

    We really could go on forever along those lines; But then I would be stealing the theme from “A Philosophers Blog.” See the sidebar.

    Not that those things cannot be discussed here. I have often noted how Utilitarianism equates to pure democracy, which equates to mob rule. The opposite might well be an Ayn Rand type of rugged Libertarianism. Few people truly want either in their purest form.

    Hence, we have, in theory, a system of checks and balances. That little fact seems to drive many politicians crazy!


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