A rather prolific blogger has had a rather good time bashing the supply side economics theory as of late. His education in economic theory appears to come from the populist genre’ and not from any sort of formal training.

If trickle down economics does not work, then how does the reverse occur? When those with Capital; You know, the big bad people with the money and corporations. Don’t invest and create jobs, thereby spreading and creating wealth because they themselves don’t have enough liquid income to justify the risk what do you call it?

Increasing taxes removes income that could be invested. Creating jobs and spreading the wealth through that medium then becomes less tenable. So how is it that this does not work then..?

Going about my daily routines I hear a lot of whining. Usually having to do with something along the lines of “paying their fair share,” or something close to that. I submit that a fair share would be a flat tax. The same rate for everyone. What a novel idea! To bad that I was not the first to think of that. That little gem belongs to a Roman Emperor I believe.

Then we have various assorted idiots that claim that we are under taxed. Those same people then go on to present fuzzy math based only on a single tax criteria. Failing to add up all the different taxes that we pay. Why not include all the different state and local taxes, fuel taxes, library taxes, and so on? It’s pure speculation on my part to be sure. However, everyone of them appears to be a supporter of ever bigger and expanding government. To me, that is simple dishonesty.

So why lower corporate taxes? To bring back capital investment that has been moved overseas is one reason. That means jobs for Americans here at home. Isn’t that reason enough?



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  1. georgesblog360 Says:

    You can’t squeeze all of the air into one end of a balloon. Both the Supply Side people and the “Tax The Rich” crowd have a grip on each end of the balloon. We wait and watch for something to pop out, somewhere. With the worthless fiat currencies that the world is playing with, all that can pop out is debt. The whole debate about economic policy then becomes pointless. Everybody waits in the bread line at the soup kitchen. I wrote about this in “The Four Money Questions”


  2. mainenowandthen Says:

    The “pay your fair share” crowd never fails to annoy me. Being of a cynical bent, I wonder how much tax these advocates pay? It all stems from the emergence of the “entitlement society” that depends upon the hard work and dedication of an ever-narrowing segment of workers to support the ever-growing horde that wants it all with a minimum of their own effort. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should come to realize that eventually the hard workers will number so few that they cannot support the giveaway programs so beloved by the Ruling Class and their happy slaves.

    It is a fact proven over and over again that an increase in taxes will act against economic growth. After all, government, which produces no wealth, is dependent for its existence upon wealth taken from those who actually produce something that contributes to society and its economic growth


  3. georgesblog360 Says:

    I agree. I could get myself thrown out of any Economics, Political Science class in the country. When I hear that “pay your fair share” noise, I demand to know who taught them that Communist nonsense. I refer to the Black’s Law dictionary definition of the term, “Wages” : “Corporate profits received as a Federal employee”. I filled out all the forms, all of my working life. Not once did I fit the definition of a Wage earner. I had to lie to be allowed to work. Live and learn. I won’t make that mistake, again.


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