Political Correctness, gross morality, and Election 2012

Herman Cain tossed in the towel today, and that is as it should be. However, not because of the many accusations of questionable conduct and gross morality. His positions were flawed, period.

So then, who will be the next person sacrificed upon the alter of populism known as political correctness? More to the point why should we really care? As in who passes the political correctness tests that abound in today’s world?

I submit that I would rather have someone that has been tempered in the fire of life than any incompetent that has never tasted life for what it is. In other words; I would rather have a felon that has changed his / her ways in a position of power than anyone that has never tasted life as it really is. How the hell I ask, can a person that has never been knocked down tell the rest of us how to get back up, and fight back..? Back in the day a friend of mine was sent to prison. He made the unforgivable mistake of defending his wife, and a damned assistant district attorney decided that it would be an easy feather in his war bonnet to convict him. I think that my friend should have been awarded a medal of some kind… I know another person that went astray using illicit drugs. Today she happens to be one of the emotionally strongest people that I have ever seen, and helps others to gain that sort of strength. Yet another man that I know went to an unpopular war in southeast Asia, did what his nation asked of him, and came home to an ungrateful people that hated him. He responded in kind, and payed the price for doing so. Seven years in a place called Folsom Prison for basically defending himself. He’s had his rights restored, and now councils others that are coming home from not just one, but two unpopular wars.

Any of these people could be President, and a damned good one at that! Why? Because they have character. Character that has stood the test in the most trying of situations. What are we offered? A bunch of Lilly white types that can’t even cover their own butts while at the same time assuring us all that they indeed know what is better for us all than those that have or are living life could ever do.


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