Lugar “Obama’s favorite Republican.”


Obama‘s Favorite Republican
Dear Second Amendment Supporter,
We told you about the most anti-gun Republican in the U.S. Senate, Dick Lugar of Indiana.
MSNBC calls Lugar “Obama’s favorite Republican.”
And it’s no wonder; Lugar voted for Obama’s anti-gun Supreme Court nominees, and both the President and the Senator support banning guns.
But don’t take our word for it – listen to what Lugar said when he was running for president in 1996 about his support for the Clinton gun ban.
In this YouTube video, Lugar brags about his vote and implies that supporters of the Second Amendment lack “common sense.” The year the so-call “assault weapons” ban passed, Lugar also received a contribution from leftist George Soros.
Even worse, Lugar supports the global, UN small arms treaty. And if Republicans take back control of the Senate – which is likely in 2012 – Lugar will become chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. You can bet Lugar will pull out all the stops to cram that treaty through the Senate.
Thankfully, this year we have a tremendous opportunity to defeat Lugar.
Richard Mourdock, Indiana’s current State Treasurer, is battling Obama’s favorite Republican in the state’s May 8th Republican primary.
Mourdock is a genuine gun rights supporter. He will oppose the anti-gun agendas of Obama, the UN, and the leaders of either political party. Richard Mourdock has the pro-gun community and grassroots conservatives on his side.
Where Lugar has an advantage is in money, which is pouring in from his liberal allies across the country. In fact, he is already up on TV misleading voters about his record, and he will stay on the air through the primary.
But if gun owners and sportsmen from across the country all chip in a few bucks, while we might not be able to out raise Lugar, we can ensure that Mourdock will have enough to get his message out to the voters.
So check out this 31-second commercial, and then please visit and click the “Donate Now” button.
Working together, we can send Lugar packing, before he does even more damage to our gun rights.
Thank you for standing with GOA, and for your support of Richard Mourdock.
Tim Macy
Vice Chairman
PS Let’s not let Dick Lugar get away with further eroding our gun rights. Check out this video and then visit today to make a contribution.
Paid for by Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
We, the people, have a duty to get rid of phony conservatives…

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6 Responses to “Lugar “Obama’s favorite Republican.””

  1. Elaine Doucette Says:

    I joined Lugar’s page on Facecrook…Then commented “respectfully asking him to do Hoosier’s a favor and retire”. Now I keep getting emails from “Friends of “The Dick” Lugar”. I think it’s time to “unfriend him”. Funny thing… within about 15 minutes after I posted my comment, I got a friend request from Richard Mourdock! 🙂 LOL!!!!


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Dang HAM! All I ever got was hate mail from his supporters!


  3. Elaine Doucette Says:

    I hate Lugar! He has been corrupt RINO for years. One of my friends who has been deep in Conservative Hoosier politics for years has told me some very interesting stories. 🙂 I’m thinking of volunteering to work for him here in my city in the next week or so. (Starting a new job Monday… so it would be weekends), but Mourdock is like a breath of fresh air! I’m also supporting the man running against that embarrassment to freedom, Andre Carson in Indy. Not my district, but my money is as good as anyone else’s. I hate communists. LOL!!!!

    Oh, I did get some pretty hateful comments on my comment on Lugar’s page, but I also set off a bunch of comments asking him to resign as well. I guess I’m just a big ole trouble maker! LOL!!!


  4. Elaine Doucette Says:

    working for “Mourdock”, not Lugar that is… geeez!


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