It’s now official: Taxation against the peoples will is Constitutional

The Supreme Court today released it’s verdict on the oh so blatantly UN-Constitutional ACA / obamacare act. They call it a tax.

If that is so then it is indeed time for a modern day tea party. One that includes a rather thorough tar and feathering for five supposedly intelligent people that set the rules that we all are supposed to agree upon living under.

But these are the very same idiots that believe that losing ones rights is not a punishment… Perhaps there is a cure.

  • Repeal obamacare in it’s entirity.
  • Pass another law that explicitly forbids the government from passing any law or regulation, or any other means of fiat that requires any person to purchase anything.
  • Force Supreme Court Justices to stand for election every ten years.

Just how much more of this kind of crap will the American People keep putting up with? Why? I ask, be a “Law Abiding Citizen” when those that Laird it over us themselves so distort the law that they are not abiding by it?


3 Responses to “It’s now official: Taxation against the peoples will is Constitutional”

  1. Alfie Says:

    Funny how the folks that wrote it took pains not to call it a tax but one justice deems it so and Bam!


  2. swissecon Says:

    First of all, the Supreme Court’s decision is not to discuss the pros and cons of the law. It rather has to decide whether it violates the Constitution.
    Second, I do not understand why that bill has 2’700 pages. In Switzerland we do have an obligation to buy health insurance. But it would not take 2700 pages just to introduce a mandate. There must be way more in it. I have read about more than 100 new government programs but I am not an expert. But the sheer number of pages is one reason why I regard Obamacare as a big mistake. The mandate itself would not do that much harm since 99% of the people buy some health insurance anyway.


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Exactly Swiss, which is only one reason that this was, and is bad law. This was a stretch to say the least. Not to mention all that extra trash that was added into it.

    That said? Should Conservatives (please note not Republicans, they are not one and the same any longer) succeed in a full repeal? Well, the restrictions on the Commerce Claus will remain, and we could start over. Using something that would be both lawful and practical.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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