Some post turkey day observations

Seems that the top jurist’s in Egypt have figured out what so many of us knew as the so called Arab Spring unfolded before the world. Nothing but a takeover by radical muslims in the guise of some sort of democracy, and epic fail obama even tried to make us all believe that this would be a good thing. Talk about a sales pitch that would make snake oil marketers proud!

Then we have this; Chris Brown still being hammered over his row with Rhianna. Didn’t he do enough time? Didn’t he go through all the counseling, and pay the fines? Why is this big news ? Why bother with it at all? From all accounts they have resolved their issues. Let them both go on with their lives without others telling them how to live those lives or castigating either one for how they go about it?

Two deaths of note, or better said that made the news. Hector Camacho took a dirt bath after taking a bullet in the face. Damn! He was one hell of a boxer! Even if he was one of the sweet sciences bad boys. Larry Hagman, the man everyone loved to hate every week on Dallas passed away after a terrible battle with cancer. Rest in peace men.

Then there has been the weather. From “Super Storm Sandy” to the latest cold front and attendant storm that chased me from Seattle to just outside of Chicago the idiots are all calling it a result of man made global warming. In Wyoming, we call it winter and never mind that scientific fact that we are emerging from the “Little Ice Age.”

The absolute joke of the week, as usual, involve the epic failure known as the obama. Yes, we knew this would happen. The election is being hailed as an overwhelming victory and mandate. Sorry folks, but it simply was not. He barely won. We lost, but not by much, and we have only ourselves to blame for running yet another half-assed conservative instead of a real non compromiser that loves the nation as well as the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

On to better things! Those that roll there own check out Magnum Pistol 300! Talk about some serious bang!

Keep the shiny side up…

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