Presidential Propaganda: Nothing new here folks, move on…

Epic fail obama and sequestration

I listened to that propaganda rant and just had to wonder.
EMS paid for by the Feds..? Only overtime, in a declared disaster.
Same for Firefighters.
Same for local Law Enforcement.
Grants are an entirely different subject.
Teachers..? It’s a stretch, but through D.O.E. there might possibly be some remuneration. However, the last study that I read that had any validity determined that nearly all of those funds went to the Teachers Unions. Imagine that!
Social Security, Medicare, and disability payments will still be made, in full, so that’s yet another scare tactic.

What this is ladies and gentlemen, is not a failure to communicate. It is what has become the primary methodology of this leftest government. Crisis manipulation, and or crisis creation. Remember “Never let a crisis go to waste?”

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