A Government shutdown: SO WHAT!

The various pundits are all up in arms about the government shutting down. Police, Fire and all other essential services will not be there when needed, and all that.

Guess what folks? It’s all a dog and pony show. No essential services will be turned off, none, period. No, grandma will not be forced to eat dog food because of a shut off of Social Security. Veterans will not be denied medical care, or any of the other doomsday theories that are flying around. No, the prisons will not have the doors thrown open either.

So, then what is happening? What we are seeing is called direct democracy being carried out by the elected representatives of the people. The fiasco known as obamacare, a disaster beyond any doubt, is being challenged as the founders saw fit to place in our Constitution. Would you rather have an armed revolution, or widespread rioting take place. As happens in other nations all to often? Perhaps I shouldn’t ask that given the current mood of we the people.

The onerous law passed by onerous people in positions of power needs to be scrapped, completely. Perhaps followed up by a rather lengthy session of tar and feathering for those responsible for it’s passage.

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2 Responses to “A Government shutdown: SO WHAT!”

  1. Diamondback Says:

    I much prefer the employment of nooses. These arsewipes have committed high crimes against the people, their Constitution and liberties. We’re beyond tar and feathers! And I’m not just referring to the so-called shutdown.

    On that note, why do we even need NON-essential federal workers to start with. If their job isn’t essential. Tell them not to come back.


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