Thunder in the Mountains

The thunder in the mountains and lightening in the sky of Colorado has nothing at all to do with the recent tornadoes. Rather, it has more to do with fundamental differences between people that believe that the United States Constitution says what it means, and means what it says. In other words, a head on clash between rational thought and liberalism.

On the rational side of the debate is Mike Rosen, a radio talk show host on 850KOA radio and columnist at the Rocky Mountain News. This, is what got things started:

On the liberal end is Paul Campos, also a columnist at the Rocky Mountain News, and, a professor of law at, you guessed it, The University of Colorado at Boulder. Not content with being a Ward Churchill supporter he seeks to make Mister Rosen appear foolish, and out of touch. That attempt can be found here:

Paul Campos is one of “those” university professors that are usually referred to as “they.” They being professors that preach their agenda as being how things really are out there in the world. Professor Campos regularly supports the failed doctrine of a “Living Constitution.” Through that mechanism he preaches that Judicial Activism is right, and just. So long as it fits his liberal template. A little background may help any readers to understand: Professor Campos is a devout hopolophobe, a supporter of plagiarists Ward Churchill, and in general can be counted upon in any “Hate America First” situation.

Paul Campos, in my less than humble opinion, is why the early Americans invented Tar and Feathering. It is a tradition that should be revived.

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