Revolutionaries and Separatist Vol.1

This will probably be an ongoing theme in the coming months. It will cover home grown organizations that are dedicated to the destruction of the United States of America. Most are racist in nature, but claim that only Caucasians can be racist.

First, for no particular reason, is La Voz de Aztlan. Simply check out their official website and it becomes quite clear that these people are hell bent on destruction. They are not Klansmen, but sure do sound a lot like them and the Nazi’s when it comes to those of the Jewish faith or background. They are also way up there when it comes to conspiracy theories. Then, their plans for a new nation should be a wake up call for anyone that breathes or calls the western United States home.This page deserves special attention.

Don’t worry folks, it doesn’t end there. These people are just plain dangerous.

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One Response to “Revolutionaries and Separatist Vol.1”

  1. Free to think, free to believe... Says:

    I remember the piece written by Hunter S. Thompson on these folk in the late sixties/early seventees – the problam is if these folk continue to see themselves as being sidelined then you have to ask – have they been? and should that a) happened in the first place and b) how do you right that wrong?

    I think that anybody can be racist and sometimes those folk who seem perfectly correct are the most dangerous racists around..


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