Ritters Gun Tax: unalienable right to be taxed

Someday I will understand the whole “permit” and “taxing” or “fees” for unalienable rights by governments large and small.

Please don’t misunderstand me. As I do support the various taxes on fishing and hunting gear that support the sports. But back door registration schemes as taxes..? Read on, and contact your Colorado State representatives.

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Though this idea has been rejected by both Republican and Democrat controlled legislatures, Ritter now claims it will bring $500 million to state coffers.
“The Governor’s office is using estimates for firearms purchases based on recent purchase numbers, and it highly inflates the number,” said the Dudley Brown, the Executive Director of the largest pro-gun organization in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  Since the election of Barack Obama the number of firearms sales have skyrocketed across the nation.
“But even with a smaller number, he’s forcing citizens who practice a constitutionally protected right to pay a tax first, much like the old Jim Crow laws,” said Brown.  “We don’t believe gun owners should have to ask permission to buy a firearm in the first place, and we’re now supposed to pay for their gun control?”
Colorado uses a “Baby Brady” Registration system system to check purchasers’ backgrounds.  This puts gun owners in double jeopardy, since they must go through the FBI check as well as that of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  If Colorado’s Brady Act was repealed, the FBI would conduct Brady Registration Checks, which wouldn’t cost Colorado citizens and would shorten the wait time to 30 seconds — as opposed to CBI checks, which often take hours.
“Now, Governor Ritter wants to put a tax on that registration as well.  He might just as well repeal our State Constitution’s protections,” said Brown, “since they don’t seem to matter to him.”
Colorado’s Brady Act was passed in 2000 under a Republican-controlled legislature and Governor.

Click here to sign our Petition against Ritter’s Gun Tax!

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2 Responses to “Ritters Gun Tax: unalienable right to be taxed”

  1. James Bowen Says:

    The governor cannot raise taxes. So don’t float that BS. He can charge an user fee which is an old republican idea that was used many times to target special interests. Cost for services are always going up and without the ability to raise taxes in one of the lowest taxed states in the nation, except by vote of the public, then raising fees for services is a legitimate way of running government.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    “User fees” are taxes whether the Governor wants to call them that or not. And no, I could care less if it is Democrats or Republicans that try to foist them off as something else. So much for your BS.

    Taxing an unalienable right is immoral James. What next? A return of poll taxes so that you can vote? Or perhaps you would prefer paying a “user fee” Or better yet single out a specific group, say those that make more money than you do, or smokers, or what have you. Just so long as it isn’t you, and have them pay for services.

    Stop drinking the kool aid James. Colorado is taxed just about as heavily as every other state after you figure in all the local and Special District taxes. The TABOR has protected the state to a degree, and things would be better if people were not always trying to do end runs around it.


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