Mob Rule: Democracy in action

A few hours ago Congress demonstrated the fallacy of democracy, mob rule. But what were we to expect other than sodomy from Democrats, and a RINO?

That’s right. I consider this to be as much a rape of the American people by Congress as any rape in any county jail or prison by the stronger inmate.

Note also that those committing the rape will not participate in the same swallowing or forced entry into their lives. Nope, they are, after all, better than thou.

Not to mention, that while this Tijuana donkey show was being presented all sorts of other nefarious things were being played out elsewhere while you were being distracted.

The economy is still in a shambles. For every stupid Biden pronouncement there are are those stubborn facts that get in the way. Unemployment is still way up there, and that is even with the artificial deflated numbers being reported. Figure it out; the statistics only show people that are collecting UIB. A lot of people have dried up any benefits, and don’t get counted.

The stock market is a joke. Sure, a few are up, barely. Those that are seem to have one striking similarity. They are companies that are owned and operated by Obama cronies. Do the names Warren Buffett and George Soros ring a bell? Can you say “Salesman?” The people that are telling us that the economy is better are nothing more than pitchmen whose livelihood depends on you believing that they do indeed have the latest and the greatest.

Sounds a lot like Chicago and New Orleans politics to me. Sounds about like obama respecting dead Americans

We may not be able to wait until “Judgment Day” 2010.

And people actually wonder why the Militia Movement is growing by leaps and bounds?

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2 Responses to “Mob Rule: Democracy in action”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    That little gook bastard from New Orleans may very well be a ONE TERM congresscritter… We gotta hope so…

  2. Spook Says:

    I long for the day that my eyes will witness the communist falg draped coffins of Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Dodd, Rangel and maybe a couple of others on their way to their final burial place — a local hog farm.

    Nex ut Tyrannus!

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