Wary, but prepared?

I am seriously thinking about beginning an entirely new series here at Conservative Libertarian Outpost. Nothing that really would be new in the realm of knowledge, but, things that a lot of decent people just don’t have knowledge of. Important things, that might save your life, or those of your loved ones. Not to mention your community, your State, and, possibly, your nation.

I may need a little assistance in doing this. I mean, after all, this blog is more than a month old, to say the least. At a whopping two pages I am thinking that a new page, or, possibly, a new blog might be a better method. I am thinking of calling it “Militia Central.” A gathering point for knowledge, and beliefs that go beyond the normal spectrum. If you would like to participate in this venture leave a comment. If you think that it is a bad idea leave a comment also.

If you are of a crack head stoned out emotional adolescent mentality don’t bother applying. Same goes for supposed servants of the people that forswear their oaths.

If this becomes a go my first post may very well be about dispersed leadership, and how to address the attacks on “centers of gravity.” Then again  it might be about domestic terrorist’s that pretend to be Americans. The Brady Bunch, SLPC, BATFE and so on.

What say you my readers?

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3 Responses to “Wary, but prepared?”

  1. Neil Says:

    It sounds like a hellova good idea to me. I’m game for it.


  2. Jimbo Says:

    Right idea & intent, wrong title:Militia Central

    I am a survivalist & NOT part of the militia crowd. It’s one thing to be good neighbors with the people in your neck of the woods or ‘burbs, have a rudimentary defense plan to defend your homes & get some range time in with some fire & movement drills to keep looters from pillaging you in the event of a Katrina or other disaster. You should try to recruit people who have different politics, it keeps agenda driven nutbags out. Anyone looking to make illegal weapons or guns or advance a political agenda should be booted ASAP or better yet, not allowed to join in the first place.
    You should have enough food on hand to survive for a month with the goal to have enough for a year in case of disaster, etc. Better yet, if you have a yard, you should be growing your own food & get as independent of the .gov/economy as possible.

    OTOH, militia conjures up obese knukleheads who couldn’t pass the physical exam to get in the service playing Army & getting ready for the Black Helicopters & NWO Illuminati to take over.

    Some good info and clarification on survivalism can be found here: http://www.theseurvivalpodcast.com


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