Civil War: Democrat meltdown

It sure is starting to look a lot like Chernobyl at the DNC. From obamacare to gun control “progressives” appear to be backed into a corner of their own making, and like cornered and packed in rats? They are going after each other with a vengeance.

Seems like only yesterday the Washington establishment had proclaimed the death of the GOP. Pundits churned out public autopsy reports faster than the L.A. County Medical Examiner. Liberals gloated over the supposedly irreparable fissures between right-wing populists and Beltway Republican elites. Conservatism, we were told, was suffering brain death and heart failure. My, how quickly things — ahem — change.

Social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, the GOP leadership, Sarah Palin’s heartland supporters, conservative think-tank intellectuals, D.C. and Manhattan conservatives, Big Business and small-business conservatives, Joe the Plumber conservatives, and every stripe and flavor of conservative in between are all united against the Democrats’ proposed government takeover of health care. All.

It’s the left, not the right, cracking up. It’s the party donkey, not the elephant, now in a rabies-crazed frenzy. Funny, though, how internecine rancor on the right always puts conservatism in its last, final, permanent death throes (again and again), but internecine warfare on the left is merely a matter of healthy, principled disagreement.

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean went on the “YEARRGGH!”-path again — dressed in Tea Party-esque drag — and exhorted the majority to “Kill the Bill” and start over with a public option. White House senior adviser David Axelrod — echoing criticism of Dean more commonly heard on the right — promptly pronounced the Vermont liberal’s rantings “insane.” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs dismissed Dean as irrational. And this was just the left-wing Punch and Judy show preview.


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3 Responses to “Civil War: Democrat meltdown”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    The RIGHT gets STRONGER daily… The Donks, on the other hand… 😈


  2. Ben Hoffman Says:

    [Conservatism, we were told, was suffering brain death and heart failure. ]

    Conservatives are indeed brain dead. 😉


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    If so, then leftists have brain rot Ben.


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