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Wyoming 113 passes out of the House

February 24, 2010

Yes, someday,I suppose that I will understand the concept of needing some sort of permit or license in order to practice an inalienable right. But, in the meantime this old retired Paramedic simply cannot find the logic embedded in such ideology. This, however, a step in the right direction.

There was a bit of whining by some state legislators about the email strategy employed by WYGO activist (Yes, I am a member, and yes, this blog got a ton of hits when I posted about it.) when, as a point of fact, it is indeed our right, if not our duty, to keep our representatives informed about those issues that we hold dear. Not to mention that it appears,at least so far, to have been a stunning success.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – The Wyoming House has advanced a bill that would allow residents to carry concealed guns without a permit provided that they can demonstrate they’re familiar with firearms.

The House voted 42-15 on Monday to send House Bill 113 to the Senate.

The House amended the bill to specify that citizens would have to demonstrate their familiarity with guns by passing a certified firearms safety course or have a background of military or police service.

Thermopolis Republican Rep. Lorraine Quarberg says Wyoming residents have a constitutional right to carry guns without government permission.

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It seems that there was at least some oppisition from the fella that represents the area to my immediate north. Talk about political pandering… The same way that residency is established for everything else attention whore…

IMPORTANT UPDATE JUST IN! Hat Tip to Anthony Bouchard

HB-95 has passed the House and is moving to the Senate.

HB-113 is also moving to the Senate – but has taken a turn for the worst, 31 House members “WATERED DOWN” the legislation with vague language to require training. The “Anti-gun Police Union Lobby” has influenced the legislators to add an onslaught of amendments to kill HB-113 and history tells us they will continue to do so in the Senate. Legislators should realize the “Venomous Anti-gun Lobby” has not been elected by the people!!!  To see the amendments click here

For the record — A review of recent FBI reports of police officer killings reafirms that, police officers are killed by “FELONS AND REPEAT OFFENDERS”. Also many of the deaths were caused directly by the police officers actions, like one in which the officer left his back-up firearm within the reach of a suspect.

We are on to them and will be watching if Wyoming Legislators continue to fall for the same ridiculous arguments against “law abiding” citizens rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution.

This watering down of legislation will be considered as a NO VOTE on pro-gun legislation and will have grave consequences in the upcoming elections.

URGENT – It is imperative that they “CONTINUE TO HEAR YOUR VOICE”.

Our “latest” email form can be filled out quickly and delivers an email to ALL of the Wyoming Senate simultaneously.

Click here – To send an email to all Wyoming Senators.

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Alert HB-95/HB-113 more on this!

February 19, 2010

n this “new era” of genuine public outcry aimed at an unresponsive government, will Wyoming Legislators persist in playing politics as usual?

HB-95 generated more emails to state congressional members than any other bill in memory according to Representative Keith Gingery in a recent news interview. But it appears as though the voice of the people has fallen of deaf ears. Read on…

It is possible that HB-95 (Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act with teeth) will not be heard essentially KILLING the bill. Specifically leadership could be stalling it. This may become an stumbling block for the Speaker of the House Colin Simpson R-Cody and his “run for Governor”.

Also it’s no surprise that HB-113 (Alaska-carry legislation) is meeting resistance with Republican members as evidenced by Representative John Patton, R-Sheridan with this outrageous statement – “I don’t see how passing this legislation would help with the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in the state”.

And Senator John Hines, R-Gillette, – “I guess my thoughts are there are a lot of crazy people out in the world anymore, and I’m not sure I want them all to have a concealed weapon.”

So much for the GOP call for holding the platform line, just more political fodder for the un-informed voter.

These statements are a blatent disregard of your personal liberty while assuming that by controlling your rights, you will somehow be kept safer from the criminals that break the law regardless of the limits put in place!

URGENT – It is imperative that the whole Wyoming Legislature “CONTINUES TO HEAR YOUR VOICE”.

Our “newest” email form can be filled out quickly and delivers an email to ALL of the Wyoming legislature simultaneously.

Click here – To send an email to all legislators.

Without your persistence these two pieces of pro-gun legislation could have stalled at the gate, so lets keep the email boxes full. If you haven’t sent an email please do so, liberty is in our hands.

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Wyoming Alert HB 113: Constitutional Carry to be Heard on the Wyoming House Floor!

February 19, 2010

Constitutional Carry to be Heard on the Wyoming House Floor!
Please Contact Your State Legislators TODAY!

On Thursday, February 18, the House Committee of the Whole (COW) passed House Bill 113, legislation which would allow law-abiding persons to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense without a permit.  This constitutional carry bill is expected to be heard and voted on by the full House TOMORROW, February 19.  If passed, HB 113 would then be sent to the Senate for committee assignment.

HB 113 would allow those who meet the requirements currently set forth in the concealed carry permit system to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense without a permit.  This legislation addresses the current problem of a burdensome and restrictive permit system by removing the training requirement and other prohibitive barriers in Wyoming.

If signed into law, this legislation would also keep the current permit system intact for residents concerned about carrying in other states with reciprocal agreements.  Those who are currently prevented from legally carrying, be it open or concealed, will still face the same penalties should they decide to break the law.

It is critical that you contact your State Representative TODAY and respectfully urge him or her to support HB 113.  Also, please begin contacting your State Senator and urge them to not only support this important legislation but to give it their fullest attention. Contact information for you State Legislators can be found here.

WYOMING: More on HB 113

February 15, 2010

Emails stating an uncompromising support of HB-95 have been flooding in.

The good news…

Representative Keith Gingery (House Judicial Chairman) has contacted me and said he is working out the scheduling and would hear HB-95 as early as Tuesday, as soon as the scheduling conflicts are addressed Representative Gingery will let us know so YOU can be there during committee to voice your support for HB-95.

I am pleased by this Gentleman’s Overture by Representative Gingery. Please be watching your email for an email titled “HB-95 Committee Time”.

Many of you live a considerable distance from the Capitol and may want to consider emailing a “more formal” letter before Tuesday morning to the committee members.

For your convenience we have a NEW form “HB-95 Letter of Support” that will send your letter to all members of the Judiciary Committee and Speaker of the House Colin Simpson.
Cc:”Representative Allen Jaggi”, “Representative David Miller”.

Send a formal letter form click here
HB-95 comparison chart Click here
To see HB-95 or HB-28

In addition to Representative Simpson hearing your voice, we also hope that Representative David Miller will withdraw HB-28 and turn his personal support to HB-95.
Your letter will also be sent to me so I can have them in hand at committee.

Please send your letter Today!

Remember to be polite and to the point, your legislators will appreciate you for it.


Important AlertHB-113 Concealed weapon authority – needs amending!!!

Concerns are brewing (back door gun registration – illegal search and seizure) about the following clause in HB-113 and we recommend it’s removal. A similar section in Alaska is being abused daily, it is a Fourth and Fifth Amendment violation.

Watch this video it will alarm you:

HB-113 page 3 Click here
W.S. 6-8-104(b)
(b) Whenever a person carrying a concealed deadly
weapon under this section is stopped, detained, questioned
or addressed in person by a peace officer, he shall, upon
request, inform the peace officer that he is carrying a
concealed deadly weapon under this section. The peace
officer may secure the concealed deadly weapon, or direct
that it be secured, during the duration of the contact
between the person and the peace officer if the peace
officer determines that the action is necessary for the
safety of any person present, including the peace officer

Arizona has similar legislation however without this dangerous clause. Wyoming Legislators need to follow the constitution.

In the words of Larry Pratt, “When we politically compromise and allow anti-gun legislation to pass, no matter how insignificant it may appear to be, we have abdicated our responsibilities. Abdication is the work for surrendering our principles legislatively. Honor binds us to resist with all our might.”

If you have any other concerns please contact me ASAP Click here

To Real Liberty in Wyoming,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
WyGO- Wyoming Gun Owners

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