Alert HB-95/HB-113 more on this!

n this “new era” of genuine public outcry aimed at an unresponsive government, will Wyoming Legislators persist in playing politics as usual?

HB-95 generated more emails to state congressional members than any other bill in memory according to Representative Keith Gingery in a recent news interview. But it appears as though the voice of the people has fallen of deaf ears. Read on…

It is possible that HB-95 (Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act with teeth) will not be heard essentially KILLING the bill. Specifically leadership could be stalling it. This may become an stumbling block for the Speaker of the House Colin Simpson R-Cody and his “run for Governor”.

Also it’s no surprise that HB-113 (Alaska-carry legislation) is meeting resistance with Republican members as evidenced by Representative John Patton, R-Sheridan with this outrageous statement – “I don’t see how passing this legislation would help with the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in the state”.

And Senator John Hines, R-Gillette, – “I guess my thoughts are there are a lot of crazy people out in the world anymore, and I’m not sure I want them all to have a concealed weapon.”

So much for the GOP call for holding the platform line, just more political fodder for the un-informed voter.

These statements are a blatent disregard of your personal liberty while assuming that by controlling your rights, you will somehow be kept safer from the criminals that break the law regardless of the limits put in place!

URGENT – It is imperative that the whole Wyoming Legislature “CONTINUES TO HEAR YOUR VOICE”.

Our “newest” email form can be filled out quickly and delivers an email to ALL of the Wyoming legislature simultaneously.

Click here – To send an email to all legislators.

Without your persistence these two pieces of pro-gun legislation could have stalled at the gate, so lets keep the email boxes full. If you haven’t sent an email please do so, liberty is in our hands.

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3 Responses to “Alert HB-95/HB-113 more on this!”

  1. Rev. Paul Says:

    Alaska’s population is roughly the same as Wyoming’s, and as you know, require no permits to carry firearms. And yet we don’t have blood in the streets … no shoot-outs in parking lots or school grounds … and no murder/mayhem/Wild West as generally envisioned by the doom-sayers.

    In fact, we have a generally polite & helpful society, in keeping with Heinlein’s observation about an armed society. Go figure.


  2. TexasFred Says:

    The only ones that buy into the *blood in the streets* are the anti-gun nut-bags anyway..

    I am 56 years old and have carried a gun on me every day since I was 17 years old and have never misused one in any way.


  3. Concealed Carry Reform in Wyoming « Conservative Libertarian Outpost Says:

    […] is a step in the right direction it certainly does not go far enough, as was written about HERE, or HERE. Small victories are better than no victories. What really surprised me was that the pro epic fail […]


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