General Quarters General Quarters Man your battle stations!

Remember the old navy movies when the speaker would squak out that you were being attacked? Well, the obamanites are cruising at ramming speed,and they are aiming straight at you, your children, and your grandchildren.

The economic disaster that is obamacare is about to be force fed to you. Guess what Mister President? I refuse to eat the broccoli!

I don’t want you involved in my health care decisions, and if all the demonstrations that made the news last year didn’t get your attention? Then perhaps the absolute backlash that will occur as a result of your lairding it over the soiled masses will be all yours. You will not be able to blame it on Bush. You will own it, lock, stock, and barrel, period.

What type of bloodshed will it take to get you to listen to the people of America? Your apparent disgust for the American military, as exemplified by hiring Hillary Clinton to a cabinet level post. Your abhorrent attitude toward decent Law Enforcement still doesn’t pass muster, even after a beer… Your apparent distaste for those that put their lives on the line on a daily basis, unless they are union Paramedics and Firefighters… That based upon reports from Chi Town from EMS workers while you were a “community organizer.”

Tell ya what Mister impostor in chief? I’ll keep my guns,and you can keep your “change!”

Yes, regular readers know that I really don’t get this fired up unless something  is amiss in a very big way. Well..?

A mere three days before President Obama’s supposedly bipartisan health-care summit, the White House yesterday released a new blueprint that Democrats say they will ram through Congress with or without Republican support. So after election defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and even Massachusetts, and amid overwhelming public opposition, Democrats have decided to give the voters want they don’t want anyway.

Ah, the glory of “progressive” governance and democratic consent.

“The President’s Proposal,” as the 11-page White House document is headlined, is in one sense a notable achievement: It manages to take the worst of both the House and Senate bills and combine them into something more destructive. It includes more taxes, more subsidies and even less cost control than the Senate bill. And it purports to fix the special-interest favors in the Senate bill not by eliminating them—but by expanding them to everyone.


What next? The FBI will be taken over by the BATFE?

Don’t forget folks, as posted earlier in a Gun Owners of America alert, the thing was chock full of anti liberty items, and now? Even more of the same? It’s just a bit after seven in the evening my time. Any bets on how long before the Commie America haters, say, at the SPLC, or the Brady Bunch will will chime in like good little brown nosing storm troopers..?

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  2. Spook Says:

    Everyone’s reading, “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross, right?


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Apparently not Jane…


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