More epic fail obama: Surrender to the invaders

The impostor in chief, along with the usual suspects is steaming full throttle toward handing over the nation to the invaders. Nothing new about that of course. Remember, epic fail obamacare isn’t the only issue out there.

President Barack Obama promised to make overhauling the immigration system a top priority in his first year as president. He’s now in Year Two, and the odds that he’ll get to sign a bill before the November midterm elections appear long.

Grass-roots activists are frustrated by the wait for a new system and are organizing a rally Sunday on the National Mall by what they hope will be thousands of people from across the country loudly voicing their displeasure at the pace of action.


“Grass roots activists” are  liable to run headlong into American activists over this, and yes, I will not rule out violence. All too many Americans have had their lives utterly shattered by these so-called “immigrants.” People are fed up with having their lives destroyed by people that refuse to follow our laws but demand to have all of the rights and privileges that so many people, from all races and nations have fought and died for.

Want to be an American? Great! I’m all for having new people come here, and become a part of this once great nation. Just do it according to our laws…

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