Epic Fail Obama to ban recreational fishing..?

For years the envirowacko’s have been trying to ban hunting. That is not news, but, while we have all been concentrating on things like the Constitution, forced government health care,as as of late illegal immigration? Well, it appears that more shenanigans are still being played out behind closed doors.

The idea that any president would contemplate arbitrarily banning a sport that millions of Americans enjoy, from young boys dropping lines at the local fishing hole, to adults struggling with Marlins on the high seas,

is just mind boggling. A potential ban on recreational fishing suggests that this administration is possessed by a myopic version of environmental ideology that transcends common sense. It also feels empowered to tell Americans what they can or cannot do at a whim.

If a ban on recreational fishing were to take hold, one would suspect that a ban on recreational hunting would not be far behind. Environmental groups have been trying to stop hunting for decades and now seem to have an administration willing to do their bidding.

There will almost certainly be a pushback against these plans. To paraphrase the president himself, Americans have traditionally clung to their fishing rods as much as they do their guns and their God. The writer Norman Mclean wrote a story, ‘A River Runs Through It’, that explored the spiritual aspects of fly fishing. The story was made into a film by Robert Redford.

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At least they didn’t blame it on man made global warming… For now.

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