Epic fail obama: Election year fight over AZ Law

As the impostor in chief continues his arrogant leadership methodology complete with the Mussolini chin angle the people of Arizona did what neither him, nor Bush, nor any President since Eisenhower has. That being to actually do something about illegal immigration.

Leftest response was immediate, and, as was to be expected the race card was pulled faster than a revolver from a town marshal’s holster in an old west movie gunfight. Next it will be the “it’s for the children” card and the “Constitutional” card… Uh, sorry, they played that card before I could finish typing! I simply find it nothing less than amazing. The hypocrisy of the left apparently truly does have no boundaries.

Let’s play this out a bit shall we? First, the obamanites know that they are going to get their collective butts kicked in the upcoming election if they cannot come up with something divisive that they can rally their troops around. After all, the backlash from the obviously un-Constitutional obamacare has stirred things up in the United States like nothing since the Viet Nam War. Indeed, I would submit that this is an extension of that. Just take a look at the players in the card game now.

So, now that the extremist’s branch of the Democrat Party are in power, and passing all sorts of things that have raised the ire of the American people they need something that will split them up  into factions that can be divided up piecemeal, and easily defeated. Then we will have four more years, at minimum, of not just “big government.” But overbearing, arrogant, better than thou types that will become the new American aristocracy.

They need to gamble. Hence the “Card Game” metaphor. The “cards” are all based upon fallacies of course. But they do raise populist anger to the degree that can,and will break the unity developed by the Tea Party and other similar groups. Divide and conquest. It is an old stratagem, and it works. The only question is how many cards to play before the opposition folds. After all, those other cards may be needed at a later time…

When to play a card? When you have no rational, logical, or ethical argument to present.

  • The Race Card: Always a good stand by, it can be played time and time again. Just find a new twist. In this, the instant situation? They will call going after those that flaunt our laws racial profiling. Never mind that the people that are coming here to do evil things to us fit a particular profile. Be that a muslin terrorist, or a member of organized crime.
  • The Constitutional Card: That card can only be played when it suits them. They are therefore claiming that questioning people about their legal status to be allowed to be in this country constitutes an illegal search. So be it. Having said that? Where the hell are they when it comes to our First Amendment Rights? The sheer vitriol from the left about the Town Hall meetings exposes them for what they are. The constant assault on our Second Amendment Rights further shows what a bunch of hypocrites they are when it comes to Constitutional rights. Just look at the back door gun control being pursued by Clinton at the U.N. Need I really continue?
  • “It’s for the children Card”: The twist on this card is that people come here from other nations. Then make babies, and according to our law, those baby’s are indeed American citizen’s. There is a legal theory that deals with poisoned fruit. That is fruit that has fallen from a poisoned tree. In other words, you can’t use evidence that was obtained illegally. If their children were born here as a direct result of the parents knowingly breaking our laws? Too bad, they are fruit from poisoned trees so to speak. Send them back to the countries of their parents origin along with the parents.

That is just a partial list of course… Not to mention that I didn’t list all the wonderful things that the illegals do when they get here. Like bring in drugs, guns that citizen’s are not allowed to own. Rape, murder, kidnap, and so on… Here are a few links to read so that you, the reader, will know more about the subject which I am writing about.

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3 Responses to “Epic fail obama: Election year fight over AZ Law”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    Very perceptive. How interesting that the candidate who campaigned on the theme of “bringing America together” is proving to be the most divisive resident of the White House ever and is so eager to employ “divide and conquer” strategy. I would use the term “ironic”, but that would ensure that no Leftist would understand what I am talking about.

    This is a dangerous, dangerous man who is the titular head of a party whose current leadership appears determined to destroy America as a free nation.

    After spending twenty years fighting Communism around the globe, it infuriates me to see that destructive and evil movement being implemented here in the United States and so many people being either complicit or blind to its sudden emergence as our national policy.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    So very true Maine, and yet it looks like people simply have their collective blinders on.

    It’s looking as though Kruschev was right. We will be defeated from within…


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Directly related story here



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