A day without fishing… Or blogging? Say it isn’t so!

Global warming struck my small slice of Wyoming today, and the snow stopped… For a few minutes anyways.

I’m not really much of a cold footer when it comes to fishing. Today though, I simply could not resist. Although I absolutely loved the fishing opportunities that Colorado offered? I never had an active trout stream literally within walking distance of my home.

I set the reloading things aside. The 270 can wait, at least for today… After all, last evening I had loaded up twenty precision rounds of Sierra GameKing. Deer, and Pronghorn are accounted for, and only the Elk loads remain to be loaded, both Accubonds and Partitions. Sometimes the inexpensive out performs the standard of the line. Be that Marlin XL7 Rifles, or Orvis Green Mountain Fly Rods.

The Orvis came out as if by magic, as did my waders, vest, and the various flies that I had tied across this rather extended period of man made global warming, or, as it is known in Wyoming, winter.

Men, and yes, women too have addictions, as noted elsewhere on this blog. They include, but are not limited to; Turkey Hunting, Fly Fishing, Elk Hunting, bass fishing, Fly tying, gun dog work and Upland Game Hunting, shooting of all disciplines, and the list is apparently never ending. Chili cooking addiction is, in particular, a very devastating addiction that get little attention. Entire families get hooked, for generations on Chili Verde and how it is best prepared.

I cleared the recently reduced three feet of snow from before the Ford Ranger. No small feat for a man well over fifty with a bad back, and started the trucks engine… Then I cleared the way onto the road, which, was actually dry pavement thanks to the the City Snow Plow Driver that works for us tax payers… No small feat for that group of Boy Scouts next door that were doing their civic duty clearing off the driveway and sidewalk of that astonishingly well endowed young “lady” that lives next door… Anyways…

I made it down the street that I exist on… I mean live at, to another side road. I progressed as it were, behind yet another tax paid truck driver with a big pusher thingy on the front of the truck to my point of embarkation. Satisfied, I pulled off my ultra light hiking shoes; known in most of the world as sneakers, and white cotton socks. Replacing the with my wool “Not Quite Perfect” full length socks. ( Yes, that is a brand name folks, and they are very good for the price paid! ) Opened up the door of my truck, and the following tax paid truck gave me a dose of global warming Wyoming style…

Any ways… After digging myself, my Fly Rod, and other gear out, I made my way down to Clear Creek.Where I was, uh.. Joined, by other town folks. Actually they were there waiting for me… Brothers of the outdoors!

Nancy said something like; “Don’t you wear your waders on the outside, and with a sinister look in her eye, proceeded to dress me more appropriately… Nooge, a retired Firefighter and Guardsman made the comment that he also might be in need of such training in proper dress. Michael, Donald, and Jimmy were all subjected to Nancey’s expert servicing…

Nancy did ask me something along the lines of “What ya’ think  I need to learn about fishing for flies…”

Preparation for fishing completed, I was asked to cast the first fly. I chose the Nancy Biot Midge pattern, stringed it up, and, drifting it through the eddies, and soon latched up with a decent Hofer Rainbow! Must have went all of  nine inches!

Then I woke up…

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