obama: viertes Reich ?

EXCLUSIVE IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION–Obama’s Secret Plan for the 4th Reich? Part 1

I have major information in my possession that proves beyond doubt that this regime is planning a massive push for complete government control over every aspect of our lives–globally.  The information is disturbing, frightening, and overwhelming…and there is a LOT of it!

The information will be revealed in a series of articles at Conservative Examiner, beginning TODAY.

I urge you, I beg you to read this and pass it along. As you will see as we progress through the series, ALL of the allegations made against Obama and others near him can be proved and documented.  A fascist government is on the way, a collaboration of big government and big corporations.  Be prepared to be shocked at the proof we have uncovered.

The above is from my good friend and blogger Anthony at, The Liberty Sphere.

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