Exclusive in-depth investigation–naming the snakes in Obama’s 4th Reich–Part 2

The in-depth investigation into secret plans for government to collaborate with large corporations to dominate society has revealed Obama’s Pandora’s box.  When one opens the box they will discover an assortment of snakes–venomous individuals and entities in both the private and public sector who are currently laying the groundwork for a 4th Reich–modeled after Germany’s Third Reich before and during WWII.

It is time to begin naming the snakes, and there are many.

First, consider this.  In order for a fascist regime (big government and big business forming an alliance to totally dominate society from top to bottom) to exist and be successful, it needs a police force to maintain order and to enforce the edicts handed down by the ruling class.

Citizens normally resist when they finally wake up to the fact that their government has become an oppressive, malevolent force.  Thus, an apparatus must be put into place to minimize such civil unrest.

Rumors have been afloat for months alluding to the possibility that Barack Obama has begun to lay the groundwork for such a police force.  Some have seen it in the healthcare bill.  Others have seen it in Cap and Trade legislation.  Still others have insisted that the U.S. military has been training a special domestic force to help police with ‘crowd control’ in the event of massive civil unrest–the program called ‘Consequence Management Response Force.’

And then there was the report that Obama had revised an Executive Order issued initially by Ronald Reagan, the revision of which would allow INTERPOL to operate on U.S. soil with immunity from the restrictions and requirements of the Constitution.

Each time such suggestions have been made, vehement denials have proceeded in response.

Fair enough.

But when one takes a cold, hard look at what the Obama government and the U.S. Army–in conjunction with a large corporation–have been doing with regard to a new police force, it is difficult to explain it all away and even more difficult to engage in denials.


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