Matt Mead for Governor, Star Tribunes latest praise spells caution

Matt Mead for Governor

From a Casper Star Tribune opinion – Mead could follow in Freudenthal’s footsteps :

“In a crowded GOP gubernatorial primary, Matt Mead is the candidate who most reminds us of the states current Democratic governor, Dave Freudenthal”

It seems that the Casper Star Tribune has named their pick for Governor. I must say if you’re looking for a liberal leaning candidate you might have to agree with them.

As a former U.S. Attorney, Mead would be the most likely candidate to side with the Feds, JUST LIKE Dave Freudenthal.

The Star-Tribune goes on to praise Matt Mead even lifting him up to Freudenthal’s pedestal, on more than one occasion.

The Red Flag – when the most liberal, anti-gun rag in the state virtually endorses Mead, I believe it sends a strong message to the voters, here it comes…

CAUTION! – Matt Mead another Freudenthal for Governor!!!

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The Casper Star Tribune also goes on to say –“Mead is well qualified for the job. In addition to serving as a federal prosecutor, where he had to make decisions that he noted involved ‘life, liberty and property’”.

On this point Mead is right, “he was involved with such decisions”, but what Mead and the Trib fail to tell you is, Matt Mead was on the WRONG SIDE of the decisions. Mead actually fought against gun rights and state sovereignty in one flailing swoop.

When I questioned Mead on this, all he had to say was…

“You should see my gun collection”…and …I was just doing my job”.

Neither of which qualifies Mead to be at the helm of the Independent State of Wyoming.

Remember like Mead the Nazi soldiers also “had gun collections” and claimed “they were also just doing their job” while throwing corpses in the trenches.

FACT – When given a choice to protect the state of Wyoming or take the money and fight AGAINST IT, Mead took the money as shown in the case Wyoming vs. BATF. Honestly, the group I hang with would rather die than fight for the gungrabbers.

Despite the truth of the court case which is on the Brady Anti-Gun Campaign web-site, Mead has spoke out saying- “Do not to believe anything on the internet”. Also at events in Sheridan and Cheyenne, Mead stated that “Some blogger is spreading lies”. Mead also said that this blogger (apparently me) wouldn’t meet with him, as if we never spoke with each other. Here’s the rub: it is certainly disingenuous of Mead since we have had two phone conversations about his Venomously Anti-Gun Record.

Further, Meads Campaign Manager Bill Novotny “got in my face” at an event in Cheyenne saying to me – “you must work for someone”, he was apparently attempting to stifle me but, these establishment style tactics are nothing more than a case of “we can’t dispute the message, so let’s kill the messenger”.

More rhetoric comes as if to say Mead isn’t pandering to the Democrats, Novotny said “he hasn’t heard of any Democrats supporting Mead”, really! Everyone else knows except Novotny, Mead’s Campaign Manager?

Again just “POLITICS AS USUAL” coming out of the Mead Campaign.

Is this what Wyoming needs, a Governor that reminds us of Freudenthal? I don’t think so.

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Anthony Bouchard is a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and limited government – he is also the Director of WyGO – Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Wyoming’s Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Organization.

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  1. tonydowning Says:

    I came back to So Cal just as Freudenthal was installed, and so I never knew what happened with him. Now I do, thanks!

    I’ll speculate that the Star is liberal-leaning because of lots of blue-state people coming to Wy and landing jobs there.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Could be Tony. In any case the man does not get my vote.


  3. Mead releatd posts as of 5-20 « WyomingGovernorsRace Says:

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