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We are from the government, we are here to help: Sleeze bags and out of control Prosecutors

September 22, 2013

Control freaks by any other name. Read on…

Most of us remember the quote by Ronald Reagan“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

Imagine this brand of “help” appearing at your doorstep…Please read on.

Your elementary school aged child misses several days of school. First because of the flu, then when you thought things were getting better, pneumonia symptoms set in.

What started out as a “cold” lingered as an illness that is so unpredictable that even when your child was given the green-light  to go back to school, the nurse sends them home for more rest.

You do what any parent will do, make sure your child gets plenty of chicken soup, take that awful tasting cough medicine, and go to the school to pick up any make-up lessons.

Now let’s fast forward. Later in the same year you find out your spouse has to “go under the knife”. As any loving spouse would do, you plan to go through the ordeal with them. And at the same time your “little one” is now distraught as one of their parents is suffering with chronic illness.

By the end of the year your child misses ONLY twenty days of school, while maintaining satisfactory performance as per the official report card.

So far this is a true story happening in the Wheatland WY School District.

You remember the little boy whose family was put on “criminal probation” along with a — NO GUNS ORDER — placed on the household?

Well as anyone would do, this family appealed this order and retained an attorney.

And Wheatland prosecutor Eric Jones (who ran as a Republican) is now retaliating.

By making this a special case. As a matter a fact, it’s so special, that everything will be under a — gag order — claiming that keeping it all behind closed doors is to protect the minor child.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that sleazy prosecutors like Eric Jones love to keep their dirty deeds deeply under cover. His actions are proof he doesn’t give one iota about the children.

To Eric Jones it’s all about power!

Eric Jones is guilty of doing what many prosecutors in America do best –WIN CASES…and if it means making a Wyoming family go bankrupt, it’s just part of the “game” he plays as a prosecutor.

As of now the avenues of diplomacy have been exhausted. You see, every single member of the School Board and the County Commissioners (even Sandy Contour who ran as a “pro-freedom” candidate”) tell me, “there is nothing they can do.

And it’s all a bald faced lie! Under WY-Statute the “elected officials” can force Eric Jones to step down.

Of course, as usual the job of holding “other politicians accountable”, in this case the prosecuting attorney, is something that no one wants do.

By now you probably know how things really work…When a politician is asking for your vote, even for school board, they are certain to speak in a manner to win the popularity contest.

Then once this same politician is safely in office, by their “actions”, they become part of the slimy “business as usual” club. (Commissioner Sandy Contour, in case you are reading this email, YOU should be paying close attention since many people are watching)

Here is the call to immediate action!!!

The good news is, if Governor Mead hears from enough people like you he could put a stop to this merciless harassment of a Wyoming family.

Even though we know Mead has been on the wrong side on gun issues, surely Mead will stand up in defense against this egregious abuse of power that has been directed against this innocent family.

I pray that Mead would realize that bankrupting this family will only leave long term scars.

This matter is urgent, it cannot wait, it’s not something that can be put-off.

Please contact Governor Mead and ask him to stop this attack that started as a criminal no guns order, and has now turned into a retaliatory act by a out of control prosecutor Eric Jones.

Mead’s office (307) 777-7434
Other contact info here 

The following is an example:

Dear Governor Matt Mead,
I am contacting you on behalf of the Cain family in the Wheatland School district.
Life brings its own hurdles, things like Illness and even surgery can certainly send a family for a loop. But adding salt to the wounds by punishing a family for circumstances out of their control isn’t what the “spirit” of the law is for.
Platte County Prosecutor Eric Jones is retaliating against a Wyoming Family that complied with all prior recommendation by the local school officials, all during  time of documented hardship.
Eric Jones is falsely using low PAWS testing scores, since the entire school numbers have taken a nose dive. Also be aware that the school principal that filed the initial action against this family, was later forced to resign for her own poor performance.
On a side note, similarly when a law enforcement officer is found to be a bad apple, it brings the citations written by that officer under strict scrutiny, sometimes even overturning prior guilty rulings. so should this case be treated.
I pray that you help this family by taking this issue out of the hands of Eric Jones and the heavy handed judge, so this family can go back normal. Twenty days of school absence for a little boy dealing with illness, and on top of that, his father undergoing surgery isn’t who I want my government prosecuting. Let’s save all that for real criminals.
Please help Brandon Cain’s family from being wrongful prosecuted by ruthless prosecutor Eric Jones.
If after you contact Governor Mead, you would like to also contact Prosecutor Eric Jones, here is his contact info.

Platte County Attorney Office
Eric Jones
307) 322-2045

If you’re on Facebook — be sure to go to WyGO’s page and like us. We’ll be publicizing this atrocity on social media as well.



To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
   Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners


P.S. Prosecutor Eric Jones is going to show a Wheatland family just who the boss is unless you get involved.

Since this family decided that a probation order treating them like felons — including a NO GUNS ORDER — went too far. Since they decided to fight, Eric Jones is now on a mission to get even.

Please call Governor Mead’s office ASAP!

The goal of the Obama administration: Matt Mead on board the train of tyranny; We told you so…

April 12, 2013
If you have renewed your driver’s license lately, you may notice how compliance with the “Real ID Act” has slowed down the process.Under the guise of safety and anti-terrorism, you must now prove you are a citizen in order to obtain a drivers license.I have received countless calls and emails, mostly from folks that have lived in Wyoming for their entire lives — and now they must submit a birth certificate so it can be kept on file in the driver’s license agency data-base.

Besides the obvious privacy concerns — everyone should be deeply troubled about concealed carry permit information that is housed within that database and the ability of the feds to access this data.

Just another Washington D.C. scheme that could make gun registration just a key-stroke away.

And as it seems — instead of defending the liberties of law abiding citizens — there is an ever increasing push placing our freedoms in jeopardy with layer after new layer of new D.C. regulations.

Governor Mead a former federal attorney appears to okay with the general assault on freedom coming out of Washington.

In but another example, when asked about the wrongly named patriot act in 2010, Mead said, “you’re not going to like my answer, but I support it”.

If all of this rubs you the wrong way, it gets worse.

While it has definitely become more difficult for you — it just got easier for illegal aliens to obtain a drivers license in Wyoming!

It’s no secret that Governor Mead appointed a Democrat Attorney General.

And now AG Gregory Phillips has ordered WY-DOT to accept “dreamers” applications for a driver’s license.

According to a one report AG Phillips consulted with Mead directly before issuing the new order.

A “dreamer” is a young immigrant that would otherwise be an illegal alien. But under Obama’s new amnesty program, this same illegal alien is issued a social security card along with a federal work permit.

In California these “dreamers” are on track to receive entitlement-benefits including a free ride to a state university.

The goal of the Obama administration is simple — to foster an environment that increases a liberal big government voter base.

Like you I’m tired of seeing other states leading the fight against Obama’s agenda, while Governor Mead is sitting on his hands.

Arizona’s Governor refused to comply with Obama’s dream scheme, inferring that Obama’s amnesty program isn’t actually law and that Arizona has no duty under state statute to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

The real question is this, how far you will let a Republican Governor align Wyoming’s policy with Obama’s progressive agenda — before you’ve had enough?

Now let’s talk about guns…

Remember that during the recent legislative session Mead was against pro-gun legislation — even though these bills passed the house with overwhelming majorities.

I personally witnessed Governor Mead’s assistant chief of staff — Tony Young lobbying legislators in the hallways of the Capitol — urging them to vote against pro-gun legislation.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Mead often had multiple staffers in committee meetings. Using Mr. Young as well as other members of his policy team.

Governor Mead’s assistant chief of staff Tony Young in the doorway with Mead’s former chief of staff Chris Boswell (immediately next to Young). Boswell is now one of Wyoming’s top paid lobbyist now working for Univ of Wyoming. This was a stacked deck committee hearing on HB-105 that was heard on the same day that “education lobby” was holding an event in Cheyenne. Mead’s policy staffer Mike Reed was also on the record at this meeting for being against HB-105.

And it was Mead’s consistent pressure that ensured these bills were killed in the senate.

Mead was publicly against HB-104 — legislation that would have made a Washington D.C. semi-automatic and magazine ban — unenforceable — within the borders of Wyoming.

By the way, the Montana legislature recently passed a bill making a D.C. gun grab unenforceable in their state. But wouldn’t you know…the “Democrat” governor vetoed it.

Clearly Mead may be wearing the wrong jersey since he’s running plays for the other team.

Mead was also against HB-105, legislation that would allow Wyoming citizens with a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Wyoming to carry concealed on public school grounds and college campuses.

Like Obama, Mead must also believe that gun-free zones, or better called — victim disarmament zones — where law abiding citizens like you and me are now helpless to defend themselves is the best plan.

Matt Mead palling around with Colorado Governor Hickenlooper a staunch gun control advocate who just signed away gun rights in his state!

Of course you probably remember — this isn’t how Mead talked while on the campaign trail in 2010.

I have said that as a U.S. Attorney, Mead would remain true to the federal agenda.

Mead’s own actions prove that you can take the federal prosecutor out of Washington D.C. – but you can’t take the Washington D.C. out of a former prosecutor, in this case D.C. attorney turned Governor.

And this is the reason Wyoming Gun Owners exists — to expose politicians in either party that treat Freedom with contempt.

Please share this email so others can know there is a full time organization in Cheyenne that is watching the establishment politicians like a hawk.

To Liberty,


Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

President of Wyoming Family Coalition lies to gun owners about Matt Mead

November 2, 2010

Reprinted, with permission.

Director of Wyoming Gun Owners asks for Maureen Emrich to step down.

Maureen Emrich, President of Wyoming Family Coalition, has apparently become a mouthpiece for the Mead Campaign. But not on the issues one would expect. To the contrary Emrich has decided to act as if she is an expert on gun rights. To read Emrich’s letter click here

These are the same kind of insider politics that have become the norm with ineffective lobby groups, including the NRA. Instead of standing for principles, they opt to sell-out and compromise, only leading to furthering the opposition’s agenda. We call this the proverbial seat at the table.

Being a Wyoming Gun Rights Advocate, I expect attacks on my character from career politicians, but not from a conservative advocacy group’s leader. Like me, you should find it disturbing that Emrich left out the most important part – THE TRUTH.  As usual I pride myself in delivering factual information, so please listen to the following conversation with Maureen Emrich. click here

Emrich’s letter is strikingly similar to the Mead Campaigns rhetoric, however Bill Novotny from the Mead Campaign denies that they had anything to do with Emrich’s letter. My hunch is that a lower level campaign aid was involved and Maureen Emrich was foolish to take the bait!

Since she threw gun rights under the bus for political gain, it reveals that Emrich is calling plays right out of “the book of compromise”. Following are the facts that Emrich was so eager to overlook:

1. It is an undeniable fact that Matt Mead fought against gun rights and States Rights in Wyoming vs. BATF. For Brady Campaign link click here

2. Matt Mead stated he was just doing his job, but I contend he ignored the oath he took to uphold the Constitution.

3. Mead admitted that as a U.S. Attorney he had the ability to recues himself from a case, but he chose not to do so in Wyoming vs. BATF.

4. Mead has been disingenuous by reporting he never had contact with me, the truth is Mead spoke with me by phone, not just once, but twice. Mead said about Wyoming vs. BATF – quote – “I was just doing my job” and “you should see my gun collection”.

5. Mead is misleading in telling his supporters that he knows me as “some blogger from California”. Mead is fully aware of my position as a gun rights advocate in Wyoming.

6. Mead supports the Patriot Act, in his own words he stated and I quote – “You’re not going to like my answer, I support the Patriot Act”. If you don’t know what the Patriot Act is click here

By writing an editorial without verifying facts, Maureen Emrich, President of a group that says it stands for conservative principles, has seemingly become nothing more than a marionette puppet with politicians pulling her strings.  Look out – Emrich’s nose might start growing!

To put this more directly, Emrich has no business sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong!

Clearly, if Emrich can so easily attack those who have consistently defended Gun Rights, it will call into question her ability to lead a “conservative” organization in Wyoming, PERIOD.

Wyoming Conservatives, especially the “gun bearing” types, should contact the Wyoming Family Coalition and ask that Maureen Emrich immediately submits her resignation.  Not only is their credibility at stake. But it is apparent that under her leadership their organization has only become part of the problem in Wyoming politics.

For Wyoming Family Coalition contact info click here

Anthony Bouchard
Director – WyGO


GOP RINO’s attack: Truth in politicing?

October 29, 2010

Seems that there are some behind the scenes activity going on in Wyoming politics. As usual, the mainstream GOP is attempting to co-op TEA Party people, and calling members of the movement out of touch, radicals, and all the usual garbage.

There are a number of letters circulating on the Internet telling people to Google Matt Mead — guns. When they do they are led to several websites (more than one of them designed by the same person giving the impression that there is a whole body of “evidence” regarding Matt’s position on gun control, when in fact just one person is pushing his own agenda). These phony sites are putting out erroneous information concerning Matt Mead’s record on gun issues.

Really? Have you bothered to notice all the comments? Or the fact that this blog certainly isn’t ran by that person?

A California transplant moved to Wyoming and started a blog about gun rights and gun issues. He published that Matt Mead was anti-gun and supported the BATF in lawsuits against Wyoming and Wyoming gun laws. These statements are not true and when confronted, said blogger refused to meet with Matt to correct his misrepresentations.

Sorry, but the facts are otherwise. Not to mention that he uses a website, not a blog… I’m also a California transplant just to let you know. I left there in 1978 because of the stupid anti freedom things that were going on. Now people are trying to pull the same sorts of insanity here..?

Matt Mead is a member of the NRA and has an A rating from them. He has not favored/does not favor gun control. People need to remember that the Internet is a tool which can be a very good source of information, but some who have an agenda can also use it to spread misinformation. Wyoming has seen its share of “dirty politics” but deliberate untruths which seek to malign a person’s character or present false information about him should be rejected.

One of Matt mead’s big campaign points is that he will stand up for Wyoming: FACT; He went after Wyoming as a U.S. Attorney. Just doing his job? Alright, I can understand that. That’s also what those folks said at Nuremberg, and things didn’t work out so well for them. Rightfully so I might add. So what if the NRA gave him a favorable rating? They gave favorable ratings to a lot of people that the membership, such as myself, deplore.

I have found Matt Mead to be very approachable and willing to sit down and rationally discuss any topic. I am certain that Matt will protect your Second Amendment rights as well as other constitutional rights and will be a good governor for Wyoming.

He may be, but if past behavior is any indicator of future actions then the people of Wyoming need to think long and hard about electing a RINO. Not that there is much out there to be had other than the lessor of evils, yet again.



Matt Mead: A clone of John McCain..?

August 31, 2010

The Republican nominee for Governor in Wyoming appears to be just another Republican in Name only. What the hell do we need that for?

CHEYENNE — Sen. John McCain says he is a supporter of the second amendment and proudly wears his endorsement by the NRA, even though he clearly joined gun grabber and Brady poster boy Mayor Bloomberg. You see, McCain was involved in a multi-state campaign against gun shows in an attempt to pass legislation he couldn’t get passed in his own state of Arizona.

Sadly and similarly Mead advertised he was a lifetime NRA member and gun collector and when questioned about fighting on the side of the feds in “BATF vs. Wyoming”, Mead shrugged it off as questionable information by “some blogger that refused to speak with him”. The truth is this is the first documented lie in his campaign.

As the Director of Wyoming Gun Owners I spoke with him not just once but two times. And so you know, Mead told me “he was just doing his job”. Certainly Mead wanted this withheld from the campaign trail and said anything but the truth to cover it up, so much for “integrity”.

When it comes to spending, Senator John McCain has out spent his rival spending more than $20 Million, that’s six times more than his opponent.

Again, similarly here in Wyoming Matt Mead spent a record amount of his money, a whopping 81% (that’s about $900,000) of his reported campaign finance came out of his own pocket. How do you spell D.C. style politics?

There are other similarities between Mead and McCain including statements that are designed to communicate to a more conservative base, even though past history reveals they were personally committed to a more liberal base.

Although widely unreported this moderate stance of Matt Mead is even more evident in how he was elected to office. There was an estimated “switch-voting” of up to nine thousand votes. In case you don’t know what this is, it is where Democrats changed their party affiliation at the polls so they could vote for the most liberal Republican candidate, in this case Matt Mead was the beneficiary. A Liberal state employee blogger mentions it here in – At the polls, Democrats are switching over in large numbers.

Another fact, the newspaper that endorsed Barack Obama went out of their way to stump for Matt Mead and after the elections many Democrat voters echoed the Casper Star Tribune endorsement saying, Mead would be most like Freudenthal.

Did I mention Obama-Care is now even closer?

I’m going to end with this, if the people of Wyoming want so much to keep Freudenthal and his policy of licking the boots of the federal government, why didn’t they suggest removing his term limits? I’m just saying….

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Be sure to check the comments at the sourced page folks!

Uniting in Wyoming..?

August 22, 2010

Already we are hearing about Republicans uniting behind Matt Mead for the Governorship in November. While he most certainly is better than his Democrat opponent Wyomingites need to remember that Matt Mead has some pretty serious flaws.

Mister Mead is anything but a supporter of limited government, or states rights. Those are two very big issues here in the Cowboy State. His positions regarding gun control are abominable, and no, his NRA membership and rating mean very little.

I have to wonder what Matt Mead’s positions, as a former U. S. Attorney are on things like Ex Post Facto Law, and unfunded mandates from the Federal Government? On economic sustainability as opposed to federal handouts? On taxation in general?

Hat tip to

Anthony Bouchard

Matt Mead for Governor, Star Tribunes latest praise spells caution

May 19, 2010

Matt Mead for Governor

From a Casper Star Tribune opinion – Mead could follow in Freudenthal’s footsteps :

“In a crowded GOP gubernatorial primary, Matt Mead is the candidate who most reminds us of the states current Democratic governor, Dave Freudenthal”

It seems that the Casper Star Tribune has named their pick for Governor. I must say if you’re looking for a liberal leaning candidate you might have to agree with them.

As a former U.S. Attorney, Mead would be the most likely candidate to side with the Feds, JUST LIKE Dave Freudenthal.

The Star-Tribune goes on to praise Matt Mead even lifting him up to Freudenthal’s pedestal, on more than one occasion.

The Red Flag – when the most liberal, anti-gun rag in the state virtually endorses Mead, I believe it sends a strong message to the voters, here it comes…

CAUTION! – Matt Mead another Freudenthal for Governor!!!

no rinos
Image A.Bouchard

The Casper Star Tribune also goes on to say –“Mead is well qualified for the job. In addition to serving as a federal prosecutor, where he had to make decisions that he noted involved ‘life, liberty and property’”.

On this point Mead is right, “he was involved with such decisions”, but what Mead and the Trib fail to tell you is, Matt Mead was on the WRONG SIDE of the decisions. Mead actually fought against gun rights and state sovereignty in one flailing swoop.

When I questioned Mead on this, all he had to say was…

“You should see my gun collection”…and …I was just doing my job”.

Neither of which qualifies Mead to be at the helm of the Independent State of Wyoming.

Remember like Mead the Nazi soldiers also “had gun collections” and claimed “they were also just doing their job” while throwing corpses in the trenches.

FACT – When given a choice to protect the state of Wyoming or take the money and fight AGAINST IT, Mead took the money as shown in the case Wyoming vs. BATF. Honestly, the group I hang with would rather die than fight for the gungrabbers.

Despite the truth of the court case which is on the Brady Anti-Gun Campaign web-site, Mead has spoke out saying- “Do not to believe anything on the internet”. Also at events in Sheridan and Cheyenne, Mead stated that “Some blogger is spreading lies”. Mead also said that this blogger (apparently me) wouldn’t meet with him, as if we never spoke with each other. Here’s the rub: it is certainly disingenuous of Mead since we have had two phone conversations about his Venomously Anti-Gun Record.

Further, Meads Campaign Manager Bill Novotny “got in my face” at an event in Cheyenne saying to me – “you must work for someone”, he was apparently attempting to stifle me but, these establishment style tactics are nothing more than a case of “we can’t dispute the message, so let’s kill the messenger”.

More rhetoric comes as if to say Mead isn’t pandering to the Democrats, Novotny said “he hasn’t heard of any Democrats supporting Mead”, really! Everyone else knows except Novotny, Mead’s Campaign Manager?

Again just “POLITICS AS USUAL” coming out of the Mead Campaign.

Is this what Wyoming needs, a Governor that reminds us of Freudenthal? I don’t think so.

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Anthony Bouchard is a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and limited government – he is also the Director of WyGO – Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Wyoming’s Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Organization.

Matt Mead: Rumor Control..?

April 3, 2010

The State of Wyoming deserves better than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Matt Mead appears to be attempting to be something that he isn’t. Being a member of the N.R.A. does not mean that you do, in fact, support gun owners. What is Matt mead’s position on the abhorrent and immoral unconstitutional  Lautenberg Domestic Violence Act that made ex post facto law the law of the land? Does it mirror the N.R.A. position? That’s just one example of the N.R.A. playing politics with the rights of Americans. I myself will need to look more deeply into Matt Mead before I will cast any vote for him. At this juncture though, it appears that I will be casting my vote for someone else… What follows is posted with the authors permission, please follow the link for the entire story.

Bridge for sale call Matt Mead
Image – A.Bouchard

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Matt Mead – rejected for governor by Wyoming Gun Owners

It appears Matt Mead has been deceptive while attempting to combat his anti-gun record as a U.S Attorney. In a recent email from the Mead campaign there was as stated a “little ditty” called “Killing the Rumor Mill” in which it states the following-

“We have added this little ditty to our email updates and will have a similar feature up on our website soon. It will be used to answer questions that come up or to kill strange email rumors. Just because you read it on the internet does not mean it is true. If you believe everything you get in an email then I have a bridge to sell you. ”.

It goes on with in Q&A format with this :

Rumor: Matt Mead does not like guns.

Fact: Matt Mead is a member of the NRA, a lifelong hunter, with a lifetime small game license. Matt is also an avid gun collector.

Maybe Mead is trying to sell us a “bridge”, because I don’t believe anyone ever said that “Mead does not like guns”, and lets be real here, being an NRA member, hunter and avid collector doesn’t make one a gun rights supporter does it?

“Maybe Mead is trying to sell us a bridge”

The NRA could be considered as a “strike” against Matt Mead. Just look at what this NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson said in support of the Clinton Gun Ban. How do you spell “elitist” gun owner?

Or, look at this state level NRA group the Wyoming State Shooting Association (WSSA) and their take on things- Wyoming’s – NRA little brother the WSSA exposes its true colors.

REAL LIFE FACT- there is documented proof that Mead has fought on the side of the BATF and against gun owners of Wyoming, PERIOD.

ANOTHER REAL LIFE FACT- Matt Mead and his VENOMOUS ANTI-GUN past will haunt him in his campaign for governor.

Full Story HERE

Matt Mead rejected as governor: Wyoming does the right thing

November 21, 2009

When it comes to Governors never back an attorney for the office. To be blunt, they kiss butt way too much. Wyoming Gun Owners points out the obvious with a very informative piece that outlines the threat to states rights, as well as the federal mandate based in mysandry and ex post facto law.

While Wyoming did go a long way toward correcting a fundamentally flawed law it did not go nearly far enough. Nor do I see any way that the law that was passed could, or would, be recognized by other states. Or that a person that had been convicted in another state could use Wyoming residency to have their rights restored in Wyoming. Read on, and I hope that Wyoming Gun Owners start allowing comments at some point. At least from dues paying members such as myself.

By Anthony Bouchard
The headline should read “Gun owners beware of formers U.S Attorneys”. But it’s best that you decide…

In 2004, The Sovereign State of Wyoming enacted legislation that established a procedure to expunge misdemeanor convictions “for the purposes of restoring any firearm rights lost”.

This was specifically to aid Wyoming citizens in restoring gun rights if they had a misdemeanor such as domestic violence on their record. The NRA backed Lautenberg legislation bans gun ownership and use of guns or ammunition by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. Wyoming legislators recognized there was nothing to protect individuals that were erroneously convicted.

Full Story HERE

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