Eric Holder remains quiet over brutality by Detroit police

Attorney General Eric holder was in Detroit for a ground breaking ceremony for a civil rights center at Wayne State University.

Ironically Holder, widely critical about the treatment of Terrorists isn’t saying a word about the killing of a seven year old girl that was needlessly shot by the police during a raid.

The little girl was sleeping at the time the police broke down the door and came in shooting. The girl, Aiyana Jones was hit in the head and neck and later died at the Hospital.

A&E had been shadowing the Detroit Police filming TV footage when the raid went bad. According to an AP report – Geoffrey Fieger the family’s Attorney said “the video shows an officer lobbing the [flash] grenade and then shooting into the home from the porch”.

Sadly Eric Holder, America’s top law enforcement officer declined to comment on the matter.


For my part, I’d like to know what else was in that room that the Officer shot into. Bad things do happen but most Police know when, as well as when not to use deadly force.

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3 Responses to “Eric Holder remains quiet over brutality by Detroit police”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    The bruthers bees involved, ‘course Holder bees keepin’ his ass quiet… 😈


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  3. Alfie Says:

    It’s kind of funny this is coming up today. Yesterday I was flipping the channels and watched a smidge of Detroit SWATIt was rather boring and would be the opposite of what appears to have happened in the above mentioned raid.In the episode the team spent all day trying to get an armed suspect out of a house. Multiple CS,an APC and a negotiator. I didn’t wait for the end.


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