Rita Meyer: Governor or beached bass?

Rita Meyer recently changed her stance on Obamacare. Originally she stated that Freudenthal is doing the right thing by not joining other states in a lawsuit against the federal health-care mandate.

In the recent weeks we have seen, Colin Simpson and Matt Mead, possible early picks for Governor by the Democrats, Rita Meyer may also be following the same path.

Agreeing with Governor Freudenthal, Meyer stated:

“the Governor has taken a very measured approach, I think it’s the right approach, It’s the approach I would take”

The Flip-Flop…

Rita Meyer
Photo – wyoming.gov

Possibly in a move to be politically expedient Meyer said she would:

“Direct the state attorney to join in the fight”.

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For the record this isn’t the first time Rita Meyer changed her mind, she originally stated to an audience the following–
“The Wyoming National Guard could be used to protect state residents from “inevitable federal abuse.”

The very next day, Meyer retracted her original statement, saying – “it would be an inappropriate use of the National Guard”.

Many individuals believe since we see both Congress and the current administration in a full-fledged power grab, it certainly doesn’t help Myers to continually change on her positions.

Putting Myers even further behind are statements like this where Meyer said “the federal government has a role in feeding school children”, this could be where she has a hard time with state rights issues, since her definition of the proper role of government is mixed.

Bringing us to this question, can a candidate truly take to heart a fight against federal intrusion on issues such as health-care, and at the same time rally for a “free lunch” from the same federal government?

At this point in the game it appears that Meyer, no matter what the issue or how she answers, it must be checked at a later date to see if she has “changed her mind”.

This could make Rita Meyer untrustworthy in the eyes of many conservative voters.


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